Why you should have fennel (saunf) sherbet this summer


With the summer season approaching, it is important that you keep your body cool and well hydrated to beat the scorching heat. And nothing can be better than a healthy summer cooler.

You may have tried a variety of summer coolers but what if we tell you that there is one such drink that not only hydrates but also detoxifies the body and promotes weight loss? Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal suggested drinking variyali sherbet which she said is an instant summer cooler.

“Long before detox drinks got glamorised by the ‘weight loss’ industry, almost all Indian households were already swearing by their own special summer drinks made from everyday kitchen ingredients,” the nutritionist, who also planned Taapsee Pannu’s diet for the movie Rashmi Rocket, wrote on Instagram.

Variyali Sherbet is made with fennel seeds or saunf which contain flavonoid called kaempferol, mentions Ganeriwal in an Instagram story. This compound has antioxidant properties; it is this compound that gives ‘detox’ and ‘weight loss’ properties to green tea.

Making variyali sherbet is quite simple but you need to make some preparations in advance. Take a look at the recipe shared by the nutritionist:


¼ cup – Fennel seeds (powdered)
1 tbsp – Dry black raisins
2 tbsp – White rock sugar
1 tsp – Lemon juice (optional)
2 cups – Water


* Grind the fennel seeds into a fine powder.
* Soak the powder in water for about two to three hours.
* Soak dry black raisins separately in water for two to three hours.
* Grind the rock sugar using a mortar and pestle.
* Once the powder is properly soaked, strain the water with the help of a strainer into a bowl.
* Grind the raisins in a mixer and strain into the same bowl. Mix both the liquids well.
* Add sugar to the bowl and mix well.
* You can also add a drop of lemon juice. Your fennel seed sherbet is ready.

When are you trying this?

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