Why get the COVID-19 vaccine? A doc explains the benefits


With the second wave of the Covid infection showing no respite, our best bet is in getting vaccinated. “In India, the two vaccines approved for use are COVISHIELD and COVAXIN. Recently, the Sputnik V vaccine was also approved for launch in India. It is a Russian two-dose vaccine given 3 weeks apart, having an efficacy of 91 per cent,” shares Dr Ankita Baidya, consultant, infectious diseases, at Manipal Hospital Dwarka, New Delhi.

The currently licensed vaccines — COVISHIELD and COVAXIN — are found to be safe and effective. While COVISHIELD has been found to have almost 70-90 per cent efficacy, COVAXIN shows 81 per cent efficacy, which means if 100 people get the vaccine, around 70-90 of them will not be having asymptomatic COVID disease, the doctor explains. 

The present outbreak has been caused mainly by the mutated strains of the Covid virus, and as such, the previous infection might not be useful for protecting against the current strain. This is why it is suggested we get the vaccine. 

Take a look at the benefits

“Getting vaccinated can decrease the chances of hospitalisation and requirement of supplementation of oxygen with more chances of recovery at-home,” says Dr Baidya.

It’s been suggested vaccinated people have less chance to develop symptomatic Covid infection. She adds, “The data has to be analysed for statistical significance.”

Helps in breaking the chain of transmission

A vaccinated individual may develop antibodies that can neutralise the virus, and break the chain of transmission. This leads to the development of herd immunity once the significant population is vaccinated and has circulating antibodies for the same.

She also adds, “Vaccinated individuals can have a faster recovery after two doses of vaccine.”

The doctor shares some easy tips to boost your immunity after getting vaccinated. “You should drink adequate lukewarm water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure you practise yoga especially, pranayama and meditate for at least 30 minutes every day. Pranayama helps in increasing our lung capacity.”

Always take light, easily digestible and nutritious food and avoid eating junk food. Take adequate sleep for at least 7-8 hours daily.

Most importantly, maintain personal hygiene. wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water, practise social distancing and use homemade masks/double mask whenever stepping out.

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