Why Choose Organic Snacks For Your Baby Or Toddler

Organic Snacks

In today’s world of ecological disasters, organic food has long ceased to be something unusual. Health-conscious families try to use organic products in their food.

Organic products are those that do not use chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and stimulants, GMOs, hormones, preservatives, artificial flavors, or dyes. At the same time, they use technologies that preserve maximum nutrients and have minimal impact on the environment.

Why Organic Snacks?

And when it comes to baby food, every mother would like her baby to get the best. So when people ask me why I choose organic baby snacks the answer is quite simple:

– I ensure a healthy and happy future for my offspring. After all, according to international standards, the product has the right to be called organic, if the manufacturer has passed the certification procedure in one of the relevant bodies and the information about which is indicated on the product wrapper. Also, 95% of the ingredients must be organic, information about the origin of organic raw materials must also be specified on the wrapper.

A significant advantage of organic agriculture is the protection of the environment. After all, farmers select varieties of plants and animal breeds resistant to disease, preventing the use of artificial means to combat pests and diseases. On eco-farms minimal tillage, use only organic fertilizers (manure, compost, peat), and develop a plan of clear crop rotations. And as a result – the soil regenerates more quickly and better retains moisture. Which in general improves even the air we breathe.

The presence of animals on organic farms is as close to natural as possible. Cows and goats graze freely on large enough pastures and have ample space and fresh air. During the winter, the cattle are under secure shelters. And their feed is carefully checked for preservatives and hormones. The list of therapeutic agents for such animals is limited by the requirements of certification authorities, and the use of antibiotics for preventive purposes is generally prohibited.

Consequently, the animals are in harmony with nature and give organic and healthy milk and meat, which are excellent ingredients for baby food.

What benefits do babies get from organic products

The tastes of organic baby snacks are quite high and scientific studies have shown that, compared to conventional counterparts, they contain:

  • Much less cadmium, a heavy metal that accumulates in the human body, and its high content cause cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Cadmium enters plants mainly through chemical fertilizers, which are not used on organic farms;
  • The number of antioxidants is multiplied. That is, by eating one organic apple, a child will get as many antioxidants as from two or three regular apples. Antioxidants slow the aging process resulting from oxidation, protect against the harmful effects of UV light, and reduce the risk of cancer;
  • More Omega-3 fatty acids and iron. This figure applies to dairy products and meat and is directly related to animal nutrition. Our body cannot produce polyunsaturated fatty acids on its own, so the only source of omega-3 is food products.

So, choose the best for your kids, because their health depends on you. In addition, the list of organic foods and snacks today has a great variety. And even the most demanding young foodie will not deny himself the pleasure to enjoy a whole grain candy bar with fruit, vegetable purée with turkey, or a berry strip. And on top of that, a big plus of organic baby products is the absence of sugar, spoiling tiny teeth.


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