Which type of Entrance Protection is best for your Business?

rolling shutters

The following article will give you an overview of the types of industrial factory doors used for industrial factories. Thereby you will easily choose what kind of door for the industrial factory is suitable. We will refer to the information of the doors such as sliding doors, rolling doors, fire exit doors, or rolling shutters.

Sliding door

Sliding doors, are one of the most commonly used doors in workshops, especially large doors for forklifts, level trucks and pickups. Sliding doors can be made of corrugated iron, paneled or made of fireproof steel. Sliding doors will make the operation easy and save space compared to the door opening.

Rolling door

The rolling door is used for factories with many doors to serve the needs of large traffic and to ensure high safety. The rolling door has a higher cost than the sliding door, but the downside is that the rolling door is usually moderate in size with a door width of less than 6m.

The rolling door is very simple to use when it is easy to move up and down. Depending on the needs of each workshop, either a hand door or a motor door can be used. The installation is extremely simple, so you can completely repair or change it without spending much time or cost.

The rolling door is quite popular because of its durability, beauty and convenience.

Durable – strong – cheap is the choice when you are looking for factory doors. The rolling door with the electrostatic coating will not be affected by time or strong impacts from outside, ensuring the best safety for goods and equipment inside.

Emergency exit

The exit door is an auxiliary door that serves the needs of little travel but is indispensable for industrial factories. The emergency exit will ensure the safety of all employees if unexpected situations happen. Depending on the size of the workshop, it is necessary to design the most suitable door.
Every factory should have an escape door. This factory door is usually included in the regulations on fire protection. This type of door usually has a solid design, tempered glass to protect people, and coworkers to get the fastest escape card.

There are many different types of factory doors that you can refer to. Depending on your requirements and financial level, you will always have the most suitable option. But no matter what, you also need to pay attention to the exit door right from the moment you make the blueprint.


Workshop shutters are usually made of corrugated iron to ventilate the factory and get light.

If your workshop has high requirements for ventilation, rolling shutters are one of the options that cannot be ignored. With a fixed design, this type of factory door will meet all requirements such as splashing, cool, and safe.

Rolling Shutters on the market today are two popular types are corrugated shutters and aluminum shutters. Note when using the shutter is to take into account the wind direction to avoid heavy rain hitting the shutter causing seepage from this shutter location. Hopefully, the above article has helped you easily choose the right door for your business. If you have chosen it, the next lesson is to choose the construction unit of the factory only.

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