What Can AngularJS Do to Your Next Business Mobile App?


We have more than thousands of advanced technologies and modern programming languages surrounding us. Looking at this wide array of options, it seems like the major call lies in selecting a suitable technology that resonates with your business requirements. That is where it gets tricky to pick one amidst all. If we throw light at the current statistics, one language that is rising at a considerable pace and covering all significant mobile app development landscapes is AngularJS. 

Enterprises are looking to hire AngularJS programmers as it simplifies the development of powerful and complex web applications. AngularJS is widely used to restructure the Javascript code. One can define the framework as a feature-rich Javascript package created and launched by Google. With AngularJS gaining immense popularity in the market, let us explore how AngularJS can make your business mobile application successful. 

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What is AngularJS? 

Google released AngularJS in 2009, and to date, it is one of the most commonly used frameworks worldwide. The framework does not contain any superior add ons; however, it eventually simplifies your app development process. 

AngularJS is highly used to build elements and components for a specific application. Many enterprises believe that this framework has freed them from the extended time of searching codes. In the field of mobile app development, Angular offers endless functionalities due to which organizations such as PayPal, Netflix, and many more rely on this framework. 

Here are some of the basic building blocks that explain the working of AngularJS;

  • Error and event handling
  • Binding and routing
  • Controllers and HTML rendering 
  • Unit testing
  • Directives in order to accumulate data into HTML
  • Guidelines to expand HTML attributes 

Apart from these mentioned fundamentals, AngularJS helps in manipulating J-Query DOM libraries. On a precise level, AngularJS also allows developers to extend HTML functionality by adding certain constructs. 

Moreover, you can also abstract DOM manipulations and modifications, which makes your mobile app development process a lot smoother. 

With AngularJS, it is quick and easy to build applications of multiple genres:

  • On-demand video streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix
  • Travel apps 
  • Weather update apps 
  • Portal apps
  • Apps for user review 
  • Interactive social apps like LinkedIn
  • User-generated apps like Upwork

Top 8 benefits of using AngularJS for your mobile application development


AngulatJS gives a massive advantage to the developers by allowing them to split the applications in the MVC architecture. This way, it becomes easier to create apps that resemble mobile apps. This process becomes exceptionally crucial for the development cycle since it meets the scheduled deadlines faster and saves efforts and time. On top of that, it also lessens the production time of your application. 

User Interface 

The AngularJS framework depends on HTML for developing interactive user interfaces for both web and mobile apps. Hence, this framework is an ideal option for designing a fantastic and user-friendly interface. Along with this, you also achieve lightweight applications. 


Whether it is about developing mobile applications or web applications, testing plays a vital role in the cycle. Developers created AngularJS in such a manner that it quickly finds glitches, errors and code defects. Again, this will reduce the total production time of your application. 


The entire process of coding requires thorough information about a language and further figuring out the desired solutions. AngularJS simplifies this whole process since it relies on HTML rather than Javascript. This is important for building simple yet mindful and communicating designs. Along comes less coding and decreased complexities. 


Filters are known to keep the stored data organized in the development process. With AngularJS, you will have support from various filters such as Lowercase, Uppercase, OrderBy, Numbers etc. You will be surprised to experience the seamless results while giving a big stream of data to your users or during database search functionality. 


Modules play a massive role in building applications with better architecture, flexibility and functionality. In this case, AngularJS hoists its flag by splitting the project into multiple modules, further increasing workflow and leading to better results. 

Single Page Application (SPAs) feature 

AngularJS is loaded with tons of SPAs (Single page application) features. This makes it easy to assess online forms. This also helps build a quick workflow for the entire team and makes the project easier to accomplish. 

Powered by Google 

This Javascript structured framework is released and maintained by the tech giant Google. This assures its users who are concerned about its functionality and features. Google makes the solutions accessible to every corner of the world; hence, you would not find any challenge-resolving your technical problems. 

Final Thoughts 

There are endless reasons to prefer AngularJS for your mobile and web application development. This framework is a clear-cut winner when it comes to offering benefits and finding an appropriate development tool for engineering your app. However, if you are still unsure of its working and uses, you can hire Angular JS developers and rely on them for providing you with all the major insights.  


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