WHAT are MOLLE Pouches Used For?

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When it comes to bags and pouches, the very first purpose that comes in a mind is to carry different items. Of course, it is the major purpose of any bag but when we study in detail, we come to know that the purpose of a bag may differ from type to type. There are handbags, tote bags, backpack, messenger bag, laptop bag, briefcase, satchel, and in fact many other types. There is another type of bag that is being used commonly these days. This is not just a bag but it is actually an accessory attachment system. We are talking about MOLLE bags or MOLLE pouches. If you want to know that what is the best MOLLE pouch then you must be familiar with the uses of MOLLE bags first.

What is MOLLE?

Do you want to know what is MOLLE and what are MOLLE Pouches? Well, MOLLE is actually an acronym that stands for Modular, Lightweight, Loadbearing Equipment. MOLLE is also commonly known as PALS which means Pouch Attachment Ladder System. People know MOLLE bags with different names like MOLLE pouches, MOLLE system, MOLLE Webbing etc. These bags are common in use worldwide and mostly, these are considered military bags for an accessory attachment system. In this bag, you can attach a big number of pouches for different purposes.

What are MOLLE Pouches Used for?

As I have already said that MOLLE bag it’s not just a bag but it is actually a system of adding a lot of accessories and carrying a lot of important items in your backpack. When it comes to benefits or importance of MOLLE pouches the MOLLE bags, you can use them for the following purposes:

  • Military Bag– Mostly, these bags are used as military bags. Army persons have to carry different necessary things with them for example, they need to carry gas masks, ammunition, pepper spray, handcuffs, grenades, flares and batons. MOLLE bag is considered the most effective and most convenient to carry all these things.
  • Diaper Bag– If you are a nursing mother then you have to carry a diaper bag with you all the time. This diaper bag should be able to carry all the necessary items of a baby. For example, baby’s feeder, a pair of clothes, diapers, pacifiers, some toys, medicines, etc. MOLLE pouches are considered amazing gadget for nursing mothers because they can keep all the items of a baby in this bag readily available.
  • Travel Bag- If you are planning a tour to somewhere then you need to prepare your travel backpack. Nothing can be more effective than MOLLE bag or MOLLE pouches in this regard. It is because of the reason that you can carry all necessary items regarding your travel or tour in your MOLLE bag. The best thing is that all the items are placed in a well-manageable way.

We have discussed the three major uses of MOLLE bags or MOLLE pouches. There can be many other ways in which these bags are used but in short, no one can deny the importance of these bags. Anyone who has initially presented the idea of MOLLE bag has really done a great job. If you are a military person, nursing mother or even planning to travel somewhere for an adventure, you must take this bag with you because you can carry a lot of items with you and all these items will be readily available.


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