Twitter verification program paused days after relaunch


Twitter has paused its new account verification program after just being up for over a week of relaunching the service. The microblogging social media platform announced via a tweet from the Twitter Verified page that it had received more verification requests than it expected.

Twitter will now “pause” its verification process and will not be taking in new requests for a while. There is no date on when Twitter will start accepting new requests again. However, the tweet does mention that the company will be taking new requests “soon”.

Twitter relaunched its verification process this year, after pausing it back in 2017. The verification process was put on hold citing user confusion around the program. Twitter promised to bring the platform back with improvements. Over time, Twitter had been seeking user feedback to amend its verification policy.

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To qualify for verification, Twitter accounts must belong to one of the six categories: government; companies/brands/organisations; news organisations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming; and activists/organisers/other influential individuals.

These Twitter accounts should also be “complete”, with a profile picture, profile image, and a confirmed email ID/ phone number. Twitter also claims that the account must be active, at least for 6 months.

However, Twitter said it plans to introduce more categories later this year. With the application launch, Twitter is introducing guidelines for verified accounts. These guidelines “are intended to encourage healthy conversations for the betterment of the Twitter community overall,” it said.

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