Tips to improve your spoken English

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The most important thing is that you enjoy the experience and know that you will only achieve it with dedication and constant practice. There are qualities like discipline and maintaining a positive attitude and methods, techniques, approaches, and a diversity of courses and programs that you can find.

Speaking English requires doing several things well at the same time: choosing the right vocabulary, using the right grammatical structures and idioms, applying pronunciation, accent, rhythm and intonation, understanding what is heard or read, etc. These are some tips which help to know how to improve English speaking.

Tips to improve English speaking

Regardless of whether you already speak English or are in the process of learning it, here are some practical tips that will be very useful to achieve your goal of improving your level of English:

1. Listen to the audio and take dictation. Much better if you can get the text so that you can later compare it to your transcript. Some textbooks come with audio narration. They will be very helpful to carry out this exercise.

2. Record yourself whenever you can and then listen to yourself. Then compare your pronunciation with a native voice. Many English dictionaries contain pronunciation. On the internet, you will find several. You can also try reading texts aloud. In this case, remember to take the necessary pauses but try to make it a fluent reading. Repeat the process but try to make it (read) faster. Finally, compare and correct.

3. Learn a new word every day. Think of situations in which you could apply it and elaborate thoughts and sentences with it. Look them up on the internet and check them against the results you find to ensure you are using the word correctly.

4. You should watch movies, videos, many more in English. Help yourself with the subtitles if necessary but always in English. Repeat the procedure, but this time, without help, you will see how little by little your ear is training and developing to the point that you can recognize and understand everything just by listening. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the meaning, take note of the new words, and then research what they mean.

5. Keep your diary or planner, take notes and make your to-do list directly in English. This exercise will keep you always in contact with the language and thinking in English, and it will also make your notes more personal and private. Only for those who know English.

6. Practice talking to yourself. Imagine situations and create dialogues as if you were talking to someone (Example: Making a transaction at the bank, ordering your order at a restaurant, asking for an address, describing a person, etc.) Try to do it out loud. Keep practising without care that they are watching you. The worst thing would be if they think that you went crazy, but your reward will be to gain fluency and command of the English language. They will surely end up envying you. If you are looking for a good English practicing platform then you should try a spelling bee test

7. Think in English directly. Don’t translate! Each language has its way of saying things, structures, phrases, expressions, and ways of speaking and thinking. For these reasons, if you turn to Spanish first and then translate, you will lose fluency, you will make mistakes, not sound natural, and they will probably not even understand you. The is the good platform through which you can check your performance and learn English. Languages ​​must be learned directly, that is, without resorting to another, just as you learned your mother tongue.

8. You can Sign up for conversation courses. It will help you perfect your English, keep your language skills and knowledge current and active, and interact with other English learners.


If you only speak one language, you limit yourself in your social relationships to other people who speak the same language. But each language you learn opens up a new world of friendships (and loves) that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Even in your city, there are probably people who speak other languages ​​who are looking forward to meeting you – and everyone love that you have made an effort to learn their language (even just the basics).


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