The Top Ten iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases

The Top Ten iPhone 8 Wallet Cases

Three Types Of iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases

iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases: As we mentioned above We have examined a number of wallet cases. in fact they are so numerous that we could identify three different types of wallet cases and assign each one a unique moniker: full on wallet replacement, wallet cover , and a portable wallet.

full-on replacement cases designed to holds your iPhone and a majority all of your credit cards. Any case that can hold more than 3 cards as well as cash is one of the items we would consider to be a full-on replacement case.

To use as the wallet case these generally are cases designed to contain a few cards, however they come with a case to fit he iPhone.

The wallet cases that you carry around are cases that place your cards in the back of the case instead of inside the cover

The truth is: When you’re an errand or simply passing by this list of best picks for each type of wallet cases.

Top 10 iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases


Type of Wallet: Full-on Replacement Case

score:4.6 Eh’s out of 5

Storage2 Cards

Additional Features: Touch cases, protective covers cards can’t contact the iPhone screen

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) as well as on eBay!

UOLO 2-in-1 is a massive case that has the capability of Moshi Overture, The case is constructed to ensure that no one of the cards makes any contact with your phone’s screen.The case itself is made of lots of texture and is suitable on its own. The case locks together magnetically but isn’t as robust as we’d like. The case that can be detached for the iPhone is not a problem with the Qi-charging capabilities of the iPhone 8

The most notable feature of this UOLO 2 in 1 case is its possibility of removing your iPhone off the cover. The case is magnetically attached to the part of the wallet that is on the back and comes with the ideal amount of magnets to ensure that your iPhone isn’t smashed every when you open the wallet case. It’s like the BUDU arrangement, however UOLO makes use of only magnets.

The only complaint we have with this product is the absence security for your iPhone because the bottom and top of the device are completely exposed. It is one of the best iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases.

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Type of Wallet: Full-on Replacement Case*

Scoring: 4.4 Eh’s out of 5

Storage: 3 Cards + Bills

Extra Features: Modular case, kickstand

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

The BUDU Modular Case doesn’t function as an actual wallet case that comes out from the box. You’ll have to purchase an attachment for your wallet.

It is the BUDU Modular Case has designed to be a modular case. It comes with a wide variety of accessories that connect mechanically or magnetically onto the reverse part of the BUDU Case. One of these can be the wallet-case. The wallet extension feels elegant with the same luxurious feeling like it is the Otterbox Strada. The case is able to accommodate three cards and a few bills without any issues in the wallet section. Its magnetic latches are big, and you could manage to overfill the wallet in case you had to.

As we mentioned above, the BUDU doesn’t come out from its box equipped with a wallet. However, the purchase is worth the cost. One of the biggest complaints we have with wallet cases in general is that they aren’t able to work with the iPhone effectively in situations where you don’t have to carry a wallet. However, BUDU and Uolo’s 2-in-1 solves the issue. If you don’t want the wallet, you’ll be able to remove it easily. This is a fantastic setup for people who are on traveling since we can put on the BUDU case while traveling, and remove it after we’ve arrived at our destination and then put my wallet case back on. It is one of the best iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases.

#3 TECH 21 EVO Check Wallet

Type of Wallet: Wallet Cover Case

score:4.4 Eh’s out of 5

Storage 2 Cards

Additional Features : Touch cases, protective covers cards will not contact the iPhone screen

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

This Tech 21 Evo Check wallet is the top rating iPhone cases for wallets featured on this list due to its durability. The Tech 21 Evo Check also comes with an elongated flap made of microfibre inside center of case which is able to hold an extra card, and also acts as screen cleaner, too. The flap can also be attached magnetically to the back of the box to ensure that it doesn’t reveal your belongings all the time. It’s possible to store a few of bills too. The latch of the case can be secured on the edges of the box.

Tech 21 Evo check eliminates our concerns about cards coming into contact with our phone by using the flap. We also appreciate the fact that Tech 21 decided to stay clear of a magnetic latch because the mechanical latch will ensure that the case stays together even in case of catastrophic fall .

We don’t love the dimensions that comes with this Evo Check wallet. Tech 21’s cases are thin , yet they’re wide. this case will increase the size of an iPhone 8 Plus quite a more substantial. It is one of the best iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases.


Type of Wallet: Full-on Replacement Case

score: 4.2 Eh’s out of 5

Storage 4 cards, receipts + Cash

Other Features : Built-in screensaver, kickstand enormous capacity

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

Moshi Overture Moshi Overture can hold almost all the items we keep in our current wallet. In the minimum, it’s Moshi Overture can hold four receipts, 4 cards as well as cash. Based on our experience it has allowed us to multiply the cards, and also utilize the RFID Access Card as well as cash using this Moshi Overture without any issue.

This Moshi Overture is the only case which comes with a built-in screen cleaner. Screen cleaners are a tiny microfiber cloth permanently affixed on the outside of the case. is removed to clean your screen of dirt and grease.

The main issue that we have with Moshi Overture is that it can become very bulky, and there’s no latch to secure everything. If there is an accident the case won’t shield the iPhone screen in the least. It also looks more like a the clutch of an ordinary iPhone purse case.

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Wallet Type: On-the-go Wallet Case

Scoring: 4.2 Eh’s out of 5

Storage1 Card

Additional Features : Genuine Leather, durable excellent magnetic latch

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

It’s the Otterbox Strada is quite bulky in the realm of iPhone cases. It’s more or less that of Otterbox Commuter. But with the additional weight comes more protection, and your iPhone will definitely be protected from any type of accidental fall.

One of the most distinctive features on Otterbox Strada are the standout features. Otterbox Strada is the leather that is used for the case as well as it’s magnetic latch. This Otterbox Strada is actually one of the very few cases listed on this list which we’d say is “premium” on this list. There are many faux-leather cases, but we believe that this one is the best. Otterbox Strada might actually use genuine leather, as it’s supposed to improve with age.

The latch that is magnetic that is on the Otterbox Strada is quite strong that adds to the protection from drops offered by the iPhone. The smaller latch coupled with a stronger magnet result in a satisfying click that fulfills our need to play around with things. The cover can also be attached to the case’s back well due to the magnet’s strength.

The most notable thing to note is that Otterbox Strada only holds one card. one card. It’s all bulky and you only carry only one card. If the size of the bulk and the tiny one card capacity is a concern for you, then we suggest Tech 21 Evo Check Wallet Case, It is one of the best iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases.


Wallet Type: On-the-go Wallet Case

Scoring: 4.2 Eh’s out of 5

Storage 3 Cards

Additional Features : Amazing quality of texture and kickstand and screen protector included.

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) as well as on eBay!

Its Silk Innovation (formerly it was known as the CM4) Q Card case is the ideal on-the-go pocket case featured on this list. This Q Card case features an elegant leather exterior and a cutout for using any of its cards to function as a stand. The grip of the case is among the finest in any case.

Silk Innovation really doesn’t beat over the head regarding the feel and texture. As soon as you’ve got your fingers on the edges and your iPhone will stay in your palm.

Silk Innovation also included a plastic screen protector keep the screen of your iPhone be scratched. We’re extremely impressed with Silk Innovation as they seem to be committed to making quality products at reasonable cost. It’s difficult to argue with the value they bring with the market with their iPhone cases. It is one of the best iPhone 8 Cardholder Cases.


Type of Wallet: Wallet Cover Case

Scoring: 4.1 Eh’s out 5

Storage 1 Card

Additional Features: Sturdy cover, amazing texture

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

The UAG Metropolis has a nice soft texture, but do not let that deceive you, this UAG Metropolis can take a battering too. The case has a tiny capacity for carrying cards but does make up for this by the style of the cover of the case. The magnetic latch wraps around your iPhone instead of at the front, which means that the case will safeguard your screen in the case of an accidental fall.

If you’re trying to find a case for someone who requires a case to keep their bus pass in then this UAG Metropolis is going to be a great option.

The only issue we have with UAG Metropolis is that the UAG Metropolis is that the one-hand operation for iPhone. iPhone is a bit more difficult as other case. The latch remains hanging after flipping the cover back.

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Type of Wallet: Wallet Cover Case

Scoring: 4.1 Eh’s out of 5

Storage 2 Cards

Other Features : Seamless Magnetic Cover, Kickstand

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) and eBay!

The Olixar X-Tome Book Case is an attractive purse cover. It’s akin to the twelve South Book Book case. Despite its larger dimensions it’s a bit smaller. Olixar X-Tome Book Case can only accommodate two cards.

The most notable aspect that is unique to this Olixar X-Tome Book Case is the magnetic cover that is built into the case. The majority of cases come with latches to secure the cover the case, but the Olixar X-Tome Book Case has been able to incorporate the magnets directly inside the cover as well as into the case’s back. This makes for a more elegant appearance. The magnetic cover isn’t as durable as the one used by Otterbox. It’s unlikely to be able to hold its shape in the event of a drop that happens to be accidental.

The Olixar Book Case also can be used as a kickstand, which is convenient too.


Wallet Type: On-the-go Wallet Case

Score 4 EH’s out 5

Storage 3 Cards

Additional Features : Cards are never stuck and and comes with a screen protector

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) as well as on eBay!

Innovation Vault is a mobile wallet that’s a little larger than the typical case for wallets. The wallet section of the case includes a part which pushes cards towards the uppermost part of the card space. This handy feature will ensure that each card is accessible. Even if it’s just one.

The feel of the case is pleasant since the edges have plenty of roughness, however the case can be a little more sluggish than the typical wallet case. The best part about Silk Innovation Vault Silk Innovation Vault is the feature that it has an screen protector!


Type of Wallet :Full-on Wallet Replacement

Note: 4 Eh’s out of 5

Storage 3 Cards + Cash

Other Features include: kickstand Possibility Magnetic Mount

Purchase it from Amazon (CA/UK/DE) as well as on eBay!

Spiga Wallet S is a typical fully-functional wallet case that can be used as a replacement for. It is able to hold 3 cards as well as cash but we’ve managed to fit more in the case. The faux leather case is nice and smooth and the iPhone actually fits inside the Thin-Fit case, which has a soft-rubber layer to it. The cover can also be attached magnetically to the rear of the case, so it can be used with one hand.


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