The social media trends to look out for in 2022

social media trends

Anyone working in the advertising and marketing world knows the benefits of social media exposure, but the smartest marketers will go a step further to check new trends and possible ones closely to see what could be popular.

Knowing the trends ahead of time puts your business in a favorable position – you can take advantage of them before the crowd rushes in to do so. This raises the question: what trends in 2022 should you be looking out for? These answers might be tough to come by because the internet dynamics change so quickly, they can easily overwhelm you when you are trying to keep up.

However, there are several possible trends we have seen based on past patterns, and these will save you energy and time trying to figure things out.

Pay close attention to TikTok

Facebook and Twitter were once popular options for increasing business audience numbers, then shifted to platforms such as Instagram which is what marketers may be most familiar with – even to the point of considering sites where they can buy cheap Instagram followers. Instagram also had some of the highest RoI (Returns on Investment) depending on the specific industry, and it was enjoyable to use.  

However, that is changing. Now, the focus is on TikTok, which passed the milestone of 1 billion users in September 2021. That achievement lands it at number 7 of the most popular global social networks. In context, this was a growth rate of 1,157% between 2018 and 2020 alone. At the same time, the number of active users on Instagram per month grew by only 6%.

Despite the exponential growth of TikTok though, many businesses and marketers are hesitant to use it, but the platform knows it and is introducing new business tool updates for this segment, such as creator marketplaces and business profiles. With these developments, many brands are likely to move to TikTok, so it is best to begin exploring it and get fresh marketing ideas.

Prioritize smaller networks for ad revenue

This might sound counterintuitive, but there are research findings that show users being more receptiveto ads on smaller platforms like Pinterest, as opposed to major social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. This fact even reflects on Google Search Trends, which showcase that there is an increasing demand for ads on smaller networks, with the main platform being TikTok.

The most important possible reason behind this is the tendency of smaller platforms to encourage advertisers to make their ads ‘organic’ and fit in with the content regular users and their target audiences post, which makes it seem less invasive. Using them will therefore give your business a good reputation, increase your engagement, and boost your conversion rates.

People want to buy your products directly from your social media

The pandemic and stay-at-home guidelines changed commerce in a lot of ways. Before 2020, e-commerce was mainly the preserve of the more innovative or creative-based businesses, but now – people want to purchase your products directly from your social media accounts, regardless of what the products are.

Many consumers now find out about new brands from social media, with statistics showing about 80% of shoppers prefer to research and find new brands online. Considering this, it makes sense to allow these users to checkout in the social media app instead of redirecting them to a website. This is particularly true on mobile, as many users will abandon their carts if there are extra steps in shopping.

The advantage is that many social media platforms have solutions for in-app shopping like live videos, and they also give you plenty of flexibility in designing the in-app store to make the experience more seamless for your visitors.

Forget about the phone

A study from Nielsen reveals that about 64% of people prefer messaging a business instead of calling, but many business owners and marketers are reluctant to deliver customer support through this channel. Take advantage of this change and incorporate social media into your support system.

In conclusion, these are not the only trends to look out for, but they are good starting points to maximize your reach on social media.


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