Summer superfood: Know about the many health benefits of sabja seeds



With the summer season at its peak, it is essential to include summer-friendly foods in one’s diet to keep seasonal issues at bay. While many people swear by different things, one such superfood that is apt for the dry, humid and hot months is sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds.

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal recently took to Instagram to share more about this summer special ingredient.

“The seeds of sweet basil (tulsi): sabja/ takhmaria/ falooda are soon to be hailed as the new superfood from the East,” she mentioned.

According to her, the seeds are

*A natural detox and body coolant as it comes to your rescue if you are experiencing acidity, bloating or headache

*Rich source of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) which is associated with accelerated fat burning and weight loss

*Its optimum fibre content makes you feel full and reduces food cravings

How can you have them in your diet?

*Soak it in water for about an hour and add the soaked sabja seeds to your curd, buttermilk, sherbets, milkshakes etc
*”Or simply add it to a glass of water with a pinch of salt and some sugar and drink it up!” mentioned Ganeriwal.

Try this easy recipe

Sabja Shikanji Sherbet


Crushed ice cubes
Lime juice
Cumin powder
Black salt
Soaked sabja seeds
Leftover curd water


*In a glass jar, add crushed ice cubes, sugar, salt, lime juice, cumin powder, black salt, soaked sabja seeds, water and mix.
*Then add leftover curd water and mix again. Pour the sherbat in a glass.

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