Pandemic health: 7 things women must do to keep their heart healthy


The one positive thing that has emerged from the pandemic is that people have started taking their health seriously. Having been confined to their houses, people have taken to yoga, indoor exercises, mindful breathing and healthy eating.

But, the one thing that has not changed much, is that it is still women who are tasked with most domestic responsibilities. For a working woman, she has to meet her professional deadlines, and also personal commitments, leaving her exhausted at the end of each day.

This can lead to not only physical issues, but also mental health problems which, in the long run, can negatively impact the heart as a direct result of stress. As such, it becomes extra important for women to pay attention to their overall well-being.

Dr Sunil Beniwal, senior consultant, cardiologist, CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur shares with some simple measures that women can take to ensure the safety of their heart during the pandemic. Read on.

* Know key health numbers: Women must keep a regular check on their blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol values. If these levels are abnormal, then they must take appropriate measures and consult a doctor.

* Physical activity: It is imperative to take out time for a physical workout, which is a key aspect of living a more active lifestyle. While brisk walking, swimming, and dancing are the recommended activities, it is suggested people continue with indoor yoga, meditation, and aerobics without having to step out.

* Have a heart-healthy diet: A heart-friendly diet includes a low-fat and low-salt diet. Consume fibre, nuts and seeds, omega-3 rich foods, vegetables, and fruits. Avoiding canned and packed food also helps in preventing heart diseases.

women health, women heart health, taking care of the heart in the pandemic, how can women take care of their heart, healthy heart, indian express news Consume fibre, nuts and seeds, omega-3 rich foods, vegetables, and fruits. (Photo: Pixabay)

* Manage your weight: Obesity is a major risk factor leading to heart ailments. Women who have a body mass index (BMI) above 25 might be at an increased risk of heart diseases. Regular workout and following the right diet can help in maintaining body weight.

* Avoid tobacco and alcohol: The prevalence of smoking in women has increased over time. And being confined indoors makes one prone to the urge of reaching out for a cigarette or a drink. These must be avoided, as they increase the risk of heart disease.

* Go for regular check-ups: Regular health check-up is one of the ways to keep your heart safe. While COVID-19 can be an excuse to avoid screening, one can always go ahead with a tele-consultation.

* Know the symptoms of a heart ailment: One should understand the possible symptoms of a heart ailment can be pain in the chest, breathlessness, fainting, and nausea, along with pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw or back. It is suggested to get an ECG done to understand the cardiac cause.

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