Pair your jewellery with gold bangles under an affordable price range

Gold Vermeil Jewellery

There is no denying that bangles have a unique sparkle that is unmatched. They are a must-have item of Indian jewellery to complete any traditional ensemble. Women’s bangles have been popular for many years. They started out as simple metal bands, but now there are so many different styles that it’s impossible to name them all at once.

Gold bangles are the ideal women’s accessory since they have established a sort of style in the modern Indian wardrobe. The newest bangles are all about subtly increasing your level of style, and there are many possibilities available in various colours, forms, and sizes for practically every situation.

Here we bring you an extensive range of gold bangle prices and designs from one of the leading jewellery makers. So why wait? Go select the bangle styles that are best for you.

14-karat Yellow Gold Bangle Priced Well for Lovely Ladies, And It Exudes Springtime Colours

With this gorgeous bangle from the Kiss of Spring collection of Mia by Tanishq, you can display the colours of spring on your wrist. A three-petal flower with a beautiful coloured ombre stone on each petal is the centerpiece of this stunning bangle, which has a glittering diamond in the center set in a nick setting. To stun the world, wear it with Tanishq’s fashionable long-chain drop earrings from Kiss of Spring.

14 Karat Yellow and White Gold Bangle is Priced Smartly for That Stylish Lady.

36 round brilliant cut diamonds in the I-J colour range and SI2 clarity are set on a chain bracelet made of 14KT yellow gold. The diamonds are set in a pattern called “pave” on the white gold parts, which have four floral designs in yellow and white gold that alternate. The flower designs in white gold have petals that are open, but the flower designs in yellow gold have petals that are closed. The gold bangle price is set smartly and becomes affordable when purchased with a matching pendant or earrings.

Diamond And 14-Karat Yellow Gold Bangle Priced Affordably for The Chic.

This intricately crafted bracelet has an opening with seductive diamond embellishments on one end. The magnificent round-cut diamonds’ SIJ clarity is what gives them their iridescent shine. For the busy ladies in you, the tiny bangle exudes just the appropriate amount of femininity. Pair it up with matching earrings for that classy look.

With A Snap to Close This Diamond & Rose Gold Bangle Priced Intelligently for A Super Intelligent Woman.

“Less is More.” This popular saying is turned true by this bangle of Mia by Tanishq. The gold bangle price brings contemporary design and art elements. A slim rose gold bracelet with a screw-like depression on one end and diamonds studded on the other is a unique product feature. Pair the bangle with a classy silk saree and a simple necklace from Tanishq to get compliments for your amazing dressing sense.

Diamonds and 14kt Yellow Gold Bangle Priced Wisely for The Wise Lady. 

For individuals who see jewellery as an extension of who they are, this one is for you. These alluring bangles, which have three brilliant-cut diamonds and a design that was inspired by a dancer’s swaying movements, are expertly made. It has an ethereal appeal thanks to its excellent design and 14-karat yellow gold finish. Pair this great piece of art with a traditional heavy suit and a pair of beautiful drop earrings from Tanishq.

Let the Lovely Bangles Complete Your Look

You can get your hands on the flawless gold bangles right now. There are several options available to you when you visit the store or online website of one of these popular jewellery makers. The nicest aspect is that you can match them to the colour of your outfit. Additionally, you can find matching jewellery with these bangles easily on Mia by Tanishq’s website.


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