New Windows 10 taskbar brings Google Feed-like personalised updates


The classic Windows 10 taskbar is being redesigned by Microsoft. In a new update, the Windows 10 taskbar will display personalised content like news and other topics of interest, alongside the users’ programs and toggles. These information bits will be based on user preferences and will constantly change with time.

The update is set to roll out sometime in the next few months, as Microsoft has suggested. The US-based company wants to bring the new personalisation features to the taskbar itself since a lot of users rely on their devices for many purposes, including checking the time, weather and quick news updates.

Bringing updates on these topics of relevance straight to the taskbar will help Microsoft users stay updated right from their taskbar. Check out the video shared by Microsoft below.

Windows 10 taskbar update: What’s new?

The Windows 10 taskbar’s weather icon will show users the current weather in their area in real-time. Another icon will help users display the latest content for news, sports, stocks and traffic. The features will let users access these information bits in a quick and convenient way, without opening a few more apps and switching between them.

When reading updates like a news piece when in a rush, the taskbar will also let you quickly save content to read it at leisure later.

It will also be possible to customise how your taskbar looks with these new features. Users who want more information on display at all times can let the taskbar show the weather in complete text form. Similarly, if users are looking for a minimal setup to save taskbar space, they can simply display a weather icon and not full text. Users can also organise other information like fashion, sports and more as per their interest. .

Users who don’t want any of these features and wish to keep their Taskbar free of anything but programs and quick toggles can also simply choose to turn off the icons for the weather and other updates via the new Interest manager feature. The news and interest updates addition is expected to roll out in the next few weeks. Other features are expected to be added soon after.

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