Most Common Myths About Medical School Personal Statement

Most Common Myths About Medical School Personal Statement

You are not the only one who has no idea how to write a medical school personal statement. Like many other applicants, you can also take advantage of medical school personal statement editing services. It doesn’t matter whether you want to write your personal statement on your own or you want professional assistance, you need to know what should be included in your personal statement. All applicants feel pressured as they have to write a unique personal statement. It is important to make your medical school admission application stand out. Writing a medical school personal statement that stands out is not a difficult job. You simply need to write a statement that is about you. Just follow basic guidelines and tell your story.  

Find answers to the following questions: 

Why do you want to be a physician? 

It is a basic question that you have to answer and that answer should offer an insight. Use your experiences to answer this question. You have a reason. Many other applicants have the same reason. However, the experience and wisdom you have gained are most likely to be different from what others have gained. Use your wisdom and experience to show what you have explored. There are many other ways to help people. You can be a social worker. Writing “I want to help people” is not an impressive answer.

How have you supported your interests? 

Create evidence-based medical school admission application. Give your readers evidence of what you have done to understand this profession. You can include research, community services, exposure, and other activities in the application. 

What is the influence of these experiences? 

Show the link between your experiences and your desire to be a doctor. How has this experience motivated you? How have these experiences affected other aspects of your life? You don’t need to connect every experience and activity with medicine. However, you need to show the evolution of your interest in medicine. Show how these activities and experiences have motivated you.

Keep the following myths in mind when you are writing your medical school personal statement. 

Myth 1: It must be theme based

Most medical school personal statements don’t have any theme. Most of them are autobiographical. This approach of theme-based personal statements can backfire. You are trying to stick to a theme. As a result, you may fail to answer these questions.

Myth 2: It must be completed on one page

There was a time when medical school admission committees used to flip through pages. You can write a lengthy personal statement. Just make sure that it is interesting and compelling. An entire space is allotted for this. Use it. Don’t undermine your success just because someone told you that you have to complete your medical school personal statement on one page. 

Myth 3: It should not describe your medical experiences and encounter with patients

The medical school admission committee wants to know about the understanding you have developed with those experiences. You can use your clinical encounters and experiences to make your personal statement powerful and compelling. Identify the most important personal and professional experiences linked with this profession.

Myth 4: You need to sell in your personal statement

Using your personal statement to boast is a big mistake. The reader should be able to draw a conclusion that makes you an ideal candidate for medical school. Let your observations, understanding and experience speak for you. You don’t need to write about your qualities and characteristics. The admission committee will learn about your qualities from your understanding and experiences.

Get help if required. Medical school personal statement editing services providers have helped many applicants in writing personal statements that stand out.


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