Mattress Shopping Tips: How To Choose The Best One For You

Mattress Shopping Tips

There’s nothing like crawling into a comfortable and familiar bed at the end of a long day. Today, people expect more from their mattresses than ever before because sleep experiences are on the rise.

The right mattress makes all the difference in getting quality rest on a nightly basis, which is why it pays to know what you’re looking for when shopping around. These simple tips will make your new mattress search faster and easier!

Gauge When It’s Time For A New Mattress

Whether it’s time to upgrade to a larger bed or replace an old and uncomfortable mattress depends on how much time you spend sleeping. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people should replace their beds every 6-8 years.

However, you need to replace it right away if there are noticeable signs of wear and tear. It is the case because mattresses begin to sag and lose shape, making them lose more support for your body throughout the night.

Figure Out Your Sleep Position

What position do you lay in most often when you go to sleep? Do you sleep on your back? Your side? These are questions you should ask yourself before shopping for the best mattress, as they will help you narrow down your choices.

Back sleepers do best with medium to firm beds that keep the spine in line and give good body support, while those who sleep on their sides benefit from something slightly softer that cradles the shoulder and hip area.

Test The Mattress

Finding the right mattress is all about laying down and testing them out yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or guidance if you’re shopping at a store. Trained professionals can help fit you with the ideal bed so you can get the sleep you need each night. And whether it’s latex, memory foam, or hybrid, many shops offer hundreds of models at affordable prices so customers can stick within their budget no matter what!

Know Your Options

When shopping for a new mattress set, the first thing to consider is how much you can afford to spend. If budget isn’t an issue, it’s worth investing in a latex mattress. Latex beds tend to be on the pricier side, but they offer superior comfort with excellent pressure relief that will have you waking up feeling refreshed each morning!

Memory foam mattresses are also known for unparalleled comfort levels, while memory foam hybrids boast some of the best of both worlds. It has exceptional comfort and extra support at a price point.

Set An Affordable Price Range

Many folks go out looking for a new mattress set without first determining what their budget is. However, by setting a price range first, you’ll rule out overpriced models that might lose value quickly or fall short of your needs. The average queen-size mattress ranges between $500 to $1500, so set your budget with this in mind.

Check For Firmness And Support

People want different things from their mattresses depending on their sleep position or preference for firmness level. Therefore it’s essential to check out an item before purchasing it, rather than buying online without feeling the need to go to bed first. If you can’t find a dependable retailer nearby, there are lots of places online that allow for free trial periods so you can test a mattress at home risk-free!

Think Square Footage

This one is often overlooked when shopping for new beds, but the size of your mattress should be directly related to the size of your bedroom or master suite. Standard queen mattresses are 60″ x 80″. Therefore, if you’re looking for a king-size bed (76″ x 80″), you’ll need at least 10 square feet larger than that! The same goes for tight spaces. Twin XLs (38″ x 75″) are ideal for smaller kids’ rooms or college dorms.

Check Return Policies

When shopping online, make sure to check the return policy before committing. You don’t want to be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t meet your needs or preferences. Some companies allow returns within 100 days of purchase, so keep this in mind.

Understand the Warranty

While most mattress warranties are only valid for ten years, some manufacturers offer more extended coverage. Be sure you’re covered in the case of sagging, indentations, or any other damage to your new bed.

Plan Ahead For Delivery And Installation

Last but not least, it’s vital to plan when ordering a mattress online, so delivery and installation are both handled correctly. Many retailers offer free shipping, while some have trucks to deliver in specific regions or charge fees based on location. Either way, make sure your new bed is scheduled well in advance for hassle-free delivery.


Mattresses are a significant investment that can sometimes be confusing to shop for. With all the different options out there, it’s hard to know what will suit your needs and preferences, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult! By focusing on things like size, weight, and budget first, you’ll already narrow down your choices and set yourself up for success when shopping around.


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