Instantly Add a Watermark to Your PDF File With PDFBear

Instantly Add a Watermark to Your PDF File With PDFBear

With just a few clicks on your device, you can already access information from around the globe. It becomes possible due to the presence of digital platforms like Google and Facebook. It may be a good thing for the majority of people but for researchers, writers, and innovators, it is not. The convenience of file sharing and the existence of the copy and paste feature made them easy targets of plagiarism and content theft.

A lot of students and working adults claim the works they found on the internet as their own. They do not put proper credit and references despite knowing that what they will present to their professors and bosses came from other people’s ideas. Knowing this, adding a watermark on your electronic files is necessary to declare ownership. In this article, you will discover the process of doing it through PDFBear. 

How to add a watermark to your digital files?

There are a lot of applications and software that can add watermark to PDF files. However, they are not as cost-effective and accessible as PDFBear. It is an online-based tool which means that it does not come with a long installation process and expensive monthly subscription plan. If you continue to work digitally without it, you will probably miss out on a lot of great PDF features. 

To access the add watermark tool, you first have to visit using any available browser on your device. There would appear more than 20 tools designed to address every PDF-related issue. The tool you are looking for is under the view and edit category. Once you click it, the website will redirect you to the add watermark tool. To successfully perform the task you wish to do, make sure to follow the detailed instructions below.

Step 1. Select the PDF file you wish to add a watermark to

The website will give you the freedom to choose how you want to upload the file you wish to add a watermark to. The first method is by clicking the select a file button located at the center of the webpage. It will let you transfer the file from your local storage to the toolbox. If this is inconvenient for you since you will have to browse from a long list of files, you may use the drag and drop option instead. The process of uploading the document will take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. 

Step 2. Decide what watermark will you use

The watermark may be in the form of a picture, text, sentence, or logo. Spend some time thinking about what you prefer the most and after you decide, type the text on the website or upload your preferred photo. The tool will give you the freedom to choose what kind of watermark you will attach to the document, which is not the case if you use other online tools, applications, or software.

Step 3. Choose the position of the watermark

Aside from the kind of watermark that you will use, you also have the chance to choose where you would want to place it. You may decide to place it somewhere on the top, below, or on the side of the page. However, it is advisable to put it in the middle of the document to give hackers and leakers a hard time copying its content.

Step 4. Save and download the PDF with a watermark

Once satisfied with how the watermark looks on the document, click the apply changes button. After a few minutes, the PDF with the watermark will be available for download which will take a few more seconds. You may have it on your computer if it still has a lot of storage space. Otherwise, you may save it on your account on google drive or dropbox which is more convenient if you are using multiple devices to access documents. 

Go PRO on PDFBear!

A lot of people want to use PDFBear because it offers all of its services free of charge. However, if you are the type of person who easily gets irritated with multiple pop-up advertisements, the PDFBear pro account is best for you. To avail of it, you have to pay a small amount of money every month. It will be worth it because you can utilize the tools without limits and restrictions. It means that you can now add a watermark in several PDF files at a time. Besides that, you can enjoy using all the tools as much as you want daily.

PDFBear Features You Must Try

  1. Compress PDF

Did you ever experience failing to submit requirements because Gmail prohibited you from sending them successfully no matter how many times you tried? If so, it was probably one of the experiences you would not want to happen again. With the help of PDFBear, you can reduce the file size without altering the quality and readability of the content. 

  1. PDF to Word Conversion

Despite the numerous advantages of using PDF, you will still find yourself wanting to convert it into Word. It will happen when you want to add more information or change a misspelled word or miscalculated amount. You can do the conversion process through the PDF to Word converter of PDFBear. It is accurate and reliable which guarantees you that the converted file will look the same as the original. 

  1. Repair PDF

When you encounter corrupted files due to malware, viruses, or sudden power outage, immediately head to PDFBear and utilize its repair PDF tool. It will attempt to recover the content of the document in just a few minutes. However, there are times that it can no longer make the file accessible no matter how much it tries because of the severity of the damage.  

In a Nutshell

The process of adding a watermark may seem complicated using applications and software but with PDFBear it is a piece of cake. It will not take too much of your time and resources which is what most people look for in an online tool. Visit now to lessen the frustration brought about by your digital documents!


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