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Open world games on smartphones are synonymous with third-person characters, an open city to explore and a number of side quests to engage in. However, one game we stumbled upon about a week ago changed what open-world games could look and feel like. Grand Mountain Adventure is a winter sports title where players are equipped with skis in a mountain range and can ski their way across the vast snowy landscapes. We tried the game for a few days and here’s what we really liked.


Grand Mountain Adventure leaves you on your own in the mountains and gets straight into playing. There are no boring tutorials forced on you and no cutscenes that you wish you could skip. You start atop a mountain and have only two controls in the form of on-screen buttons to move your ski either to the left or right.

Movement is made possible by balancing the twists towards left and right, similar to how you’d actually navigate on a snowboard, where there is no way to propel yourself forward, other than using the momentum generated by side-to-side movements.

While sliding down the mountains you will find various paths that you can take to complete those tracks. Once you slide down a path, your timings are recorded. At the end of all paths is a cable car that you can use to ride back up the mountain and repeat the same path or choose a new one.

IE app reviews, grand mountain adventure Grand Mountain Adventure features a number of unlockable paths that players can take to travel to different parts of the mountain. (Express Photo)

As players complete more paths, more cable cars and newer paths are opened up for them to explore. Finding hidden orange umbrellas throughout the mountains unlocks special features like a telescope mode that lets you enjoy the scenery in first-person instead of the regular birds-eye view.

Graphics, sound

Grand Mountain Adventure presents stunning graphics and if you’re using a capable phone, you can get a great visual experience as you slide down the mountains complete with flying birds, other NPCs (non-playable characters) on their own skis, lakes and even occasional mini-avalanches.

Diving into the settings menu allows you to further take the graphics quality and resolution higher and increase the frame rate to 60fps, making the visuals far more detailed and buttery smooth on high-end phones. All of this is coupled with a brilliant soundtrack that is so soothing to hear, that enjoying a few slides down the mountain is almost a therapeutic experience.

IE app reviews, grand mountain adventure Grand Mountain Adventure features good graphics and users can turn up the resolution and frame-rate to improve the gameplay experience. (Express Photo)

What do you get in the paid version?

The free version of the game is limited when it comes to the size of the map and hence, the gameplay. Players will get just one mountain and multiple paths around it for the free version. What’s good is that the experience is not hampered by ads that pop up in your face every few minutes.

Buying the full version of the game will get you seven mountains and a few more extras, increasing the playtime significantly. While we like that there are no ads here in the free version, users could have been given the taste of at least one more mountain to explore before they decide if they want to buy the full version.

Users can also connect with their friends over the same Wi-Fi connection and explore the mountains together. Up to 16 players can play at once.

Trash or Pass?

Playing Grand Mountain Adventure was quite refreshing as the game is focused on experience, something many titles are not looking at anymore. When you begin skiing down the white mountain slopes, all you think about is the beautiful visuals, soothing melodies and gameplay experience. There are no ads, no freemium elements or an in-game currency to keep track of. Hence, even though we did not venture into the paid version of the game right now, the experience is still a solid pass. You can find the title on both Android and iOS.


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