How to Use the Bathtubs Wisely

Use the Bathtubs

Now that you have a bathtub installed in your bathroom, what is next? Soaking and leaving out the world’s worries would be a perfect thing to do. With the tedious work routine, your bathtub is calling out to you.

But, wait a minute! It’s not as easy as it sounds; running water and diving in. There are basic tips on ensuring you use your tub wisely and more efficiently. Besides, the whole concept of using a tub is creating a health and wellness zone at home’s comfort to always enjoy.

See below what you should do.

Clean the Bathtub Before the Bath

The first basic tip for efficient use of your bathtub involves cleaning it. Before soaking yourself in that soothing bath, it would help to ensure you are not seated in a grimy or dirty tub.

Have you recently used your bathtub? Still, it would help if you used a wet towel to wipe out any dust or hair lingering on the surface. It is also good hygiene practice to always clean your tub after finishing your bath. This way, you won’t leave any soap scum behind.

Moreover, how to maintain a clean bathtub will depend on the type. Freestanding tubs are one of the best choices for easier maintenance. Because of its smooth and airtight surface, a stone resin modern freestanding tub naturally inhibits calcium remains and grime from sticking. Since this type of tub is not permanently attached to the floor or walls, you can also clean the bottom part.

As stylish and distinct as your stand-alone tub is, you don’t have to use special cleaning products. There are several household cleansers that are mild and can be used with ease.

Correct Water Temperature

After cleaning your bathtub, close the drain and start filling the tub with warm water. You can decide to flip out the lever at the tap or use a rubber stopper or plug to block the drain. But if you are uncertain of the status of your plug, fill the tub with little water.

So, the water level will remain constant if the plug is operational. But in the case of a broken, missing, or useless plug, you can improvise a temporary stopper to enjoy your bath still.

When it comes to the right water temperature, it should be at 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid unintended burns. Be cautious of curious children who can turn on the water themselves without your knowledge. If the water is too hot, this will lead to instant burns. Ideally, it would be best to always turn on the cold water faucet first before transitioning to the hot option. Hence, teach your kids the same thing for safety measures.

Create an Atmosphere


The atmosphere or surroundings will majorly impact the turnout of your relaxing bath. What makes a bathtub unique is the need for ambiance when bathing. Considering that taking a bath is not something to do hurriedly, you need a soothing atmosphere.

To make your experience in your soaking tub comfortable, you will have to incorporate a few things. Perhaps, you could play slow but enjoyable music, light a scented candle, or even read a good book while drinking a glass of wine.

If you live with other people, disruptions while taking your bath may be inevitable. So, you could ask them to keep the noise down. Better yet, you could bathe when they are not around or at night when everyone is asleep.

If you have a freestanding tub, they now come with different accessories that can further upscale your experience.

Add Bathtub Essentials 

Another additional tip for the effective use of bathtubs includes adding essentials. When you pour essentials like oils and salts into the bathtub, you will boost the relaxing experience.

Epsom salts and other therapeutic oils will easily blend with water for a softer and out-of-the-world experience. Aside from relaxing, bathtub essentials also carry health benefits. They can help eliminate cold symptoms and also improve skin conditions.

The bathtubs essentials are also known as bath bombs. Remarkably, you can easily DIY your bath bombs since it requires less effort. If you don’t have the time, you can always buy the readily available options from the stores.

Enjoy Bubble Baths

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It is not childish to enjoy bubble baths! Bubble baths are among the best tips for using your bathtubs wisely. Having bubbles in your freestanding tub is a fun and exciting way to enhance an ordinary bathing time.

Furthermore, the foam in the bubble bath acts as an insulator to maintain hot water longer. So, ensure you buy bubble soap next time to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.

Shower Before or After a Bath

Yes, there’s a difference between showering and bathing. Bathing involves immersing your body in a bathtub filled with water to clean and relax. Conversely, showering is standing or sitting under a water sprayer to clean your body. Showering with cold water improves your immunity as well as losing fat. And, hot showers will relax and relieve your muscles and purge toxins.

It would help if you always showered before starting and after taking a bath. Showering before soaking in a bathtub will remove loose dirt and also exfoliate the skin. On the other hand, showering after a hot bath will rinse the body’s remaining soap and bathing essentials.

Bathtub Safety

While taking a bath is something everyone loves to do, common mistakes need safety measures.

The little room in the house can cause several fatal accidents if not cautious. According to a study, about 2.2% of injuries happen when getting in the tub, but 9.8% while stepping out. Still, bathtub injuries account for over two-thirds of emergency room calls. Normally, the elderly of over 65 years old are vulnerable to these accidents.

Therefore, it would be best to ensure the bathtub is a safe spot for everyone in the house. There are safe ways of getting in and out of the bathtub and other precautions to take in your bathroom. Besides, these are also wise ways to use your bathtub since you will be saving lives, including yours.

Clean the Bathtub When You Finish

As much as you would love to, you can’t spend the whole day soaking in your stand-alone tub and shower. So, when you finish bathing, drain the water and give it time to run off even the essentials.

After everything is out, rinse the tub with clean cold water. Ensure you rinse everywhere, even the sides of the freestanding bathtub. Then, use a clean, dry cloth and dry the tub completely. This way, there will be no chance of grime, mildew, and soap scum growth.

Take Away

There’s so much to love about spending time to pamper yourself with a good, old bath in your freestanding rectangular tub. Besides, taking a bath might be the only chance you have alone without disruptions.

Therefore, knowing how to use your bathtubs will significantly provide the best and holistic experience. Well, you can always have your partner join in for an even better moment.


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