How to setup hp officejet 3830 printer and troubleshooting tips

hp officejet 3830 printer

In those days there are lots of printers available in the market, Day to day we are becoming more advanced and devices too. So If I will say what do you mean by printer, then the answer will be to print documents, scan copies and many more. But If I will ask the same question to those peoples who are living in ancient times then what will you expect the answer? According to them the printing means to make a picture on a tree, stones and any other. At that time peoples usually make pictures on trees or stones as a memory. At that time any paper or pen even a printer is not available, but in this technology world we are surround by different kind of advance devices. So hp officejet 3830 printer is one them.

This printer is all in one according to name. So It will come with manya additional features. You can set it up in your office or room and can print any kind of document, scan copies and many other activities, To store your documents storage is also available. Today we are going to set up a 3230 printer and hp officejet 3830 troubleshooting tips here are simple instructions.

How to setup hp officejet 3830 printer

The hp officejet 3830 printer setup is easy but need to perform many activities it may confuse you so follow step by step instructions given below –

Properly unbox your hp officejet 3830 printer remove all the stickers, coated polythenes and packing materials. Remove all the packing from cartilage access door, exterior door and simply plug in your printer wire into an working electric outlet and switch it “ON”

After turning on your printer on the screen you will get instructions to choose the language, After selecting click on save. Time and date also need to be set, After setting up save the settings.

Now load some papers on the tray to try a demo print. Be sure that the papers will not be forcefully insert on the tray otherwise paper will bend and can impact on your printing process.

Now I need to install the ink cartridges. Be careful while putting the ink into the cartridges, don’t touch the ink nozzles otherwise it can cause the ink failure. After carefully putting the ink just close the ink cartridges. In this way you can easily setup your hp officejet 3830 printer.

Why my hp officejet 3830 printer is unable to print

Users can face these kind of issue, It can be easily solved by following some instructions that are given below.

If you are facing this issue you need to reinstall the print driver. If you are facing error while printing with the computer then you need to uninstall printing software and again install it. Keep in mind if officejet 3830 is printing in color, then not need to uninstall

In not printing then from the device list you need to remove your printer and try to print again after installing the latest software form official website. Check if your issues are resolve, If yes then do not need to follow other tips.

If you are using a third party Ink then remove all the ink from ink cartridges. Put genuine ink hp officejet 3830 printer is design to work with genuine supplies.

If still not solved, you need to check the ink smears, just need to power on your printer and load the tray with papers. Open printer control panel and in tools tap on clean page seamers. It will automatically print a demo paper, Check its working properly or not.

Be sure that you are using the right type of paper. Plain paper should be of a good quality. Wrinkled papers are not good for printing, it can cause jam, So take a clean and plain paper to print.


At last, we can say that the officejet 3830 printer is an all in one printer that works with printing documents, scan copies and also can be used as a fax machine and many more. The device is very attractive in look. A 2.2 inches screen also available on this printer. It is the best to use in your offices. The price is also too affordable.

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