How to overcome weakness post-Covid? Keep these tips in mind for faster recovery


Many Covid patients have reported fatigue and weakness post-testing negative after the 14-day period. In such a situation, the way forward for better recovery is good nutrition coupled with some essential tips for getting back to one’s daily routine. As we fight the second wave, here are tips for those recovering from Covid-19 infection which is an inflammatory condition that can have lasting effects for up to six-eight months even after getting cured, affecting different organs, especially the liver and lungs.

Dr Dixa Bhavsar took to Instagram to share a few tips that can help covid patients recover better.

While continuing to follow safety protocols, one needs to pay attention to nutrition, fitness and overall health.

Here’s what she mentioned:

*Go easy on exercise. Start with slow walks, breathing exercises, and meditation. Your body needs rest. No intense workout

*Get 30 minutes of morning sunlight daily

*Have one date, handful of raisins, two almonds, two walnuts in the morning (all soaked overnight)

*Eat light and easy-to-digest food like lentil soups and rice gruel. Avoid excessive sugar, fried and processed foods

*Have nourishing khichdi on alternate days

*Drink moringa soup (two-three times a week)

*Have Cumin-Coriander-Fennel (CCF) tea twice a day, one-hour post meals

*Sleep early every night. “The better you sleep, the quicker you heal,” she said.

In a previous post, she also suggested certain tips for improving one’s immunity.

*Waking up early and getting morning sunlight makes you feel energetic, positive and vibrant. Also imparts you Vit D along with better absorption of calcium.

*Exercising in the morning makes you feel energetic throughout the day. Also improves your mood (by secreting happy hormones). Makes you flexible physically and mentally.

*Breathwork- Best for improving your oxygen levels at home. Pranayamas like anuloma-viloma, bhramri, kapalbhati, bhastrika can be done daily.

*You can also drink herbal tea at home that helps improve your immunity.

*Limit usage of gadgets. Watch news (not more than one hour/day).

*Whenever you go out, wear a mask and maintain social distance.

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