How to clear your browser cache in Google Chrome


Regularly clearing your browser cache is one of the many good habits of web surfing. The cache is responsible for storing the data of previously viewed websites. While cache does help you open up pages faster, once enough of it is built up, it can start working against you.

Apart from slowing down your browsing experience, not clearing your cache on a regular basis also puts you at risk in case of security breaches, making your data much more vulnerable. If you do not engage in regular cache clearing, you must start today. Here are a few easy steps to clear your cache on Google Chrome.

How to clear browser cache on Google Chrome?

Step 1: Go to Chrome settings

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Launch Google Chrome and open up the browser menu by clicking on the three-dot/ three-bar menu on the far right of your URL bar. Amongst the drop-down options that appear, look for and click on ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Look for the cache clearing option

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In Settings, click on ‘Clear browsing data’ under the ‘Privacy and security’ section. In the box that opens up, you will see a time range and three checkboxes. For the time, you can choose between Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks and All time.

For the three checkboxes, it is necessary to hit the third one called ‘Cached images and files’. You can also click on the other two at this point if you also wish to clear your browser history and cookies. However, note that the latter will result in you being signed out of most places where you are signed in via the browser.

Step 3: Clear the cache

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When you have checked the boxes, go ahead and choose ‘Clear Data’ to begin the clearing process. This shouldn’t take too much time if you have been clearing your cache and other browser elements regularly. However, if you haven’t in a long time, expect a longer time period. Note that if you have checked the other boxes as well, this process could take some additional time.

While this was the cache clearing process for Google Chrome, steps might slightly differ for other browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. However, for most browsers, you can find the options to clear the cache under the clear browsing data section in your browser settings.

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