How can a master’s degree in finance and investment in Germany help accelerate your career?

master’s degree in finance

The global finance industry is dynamic, bustling, exciting and challenging. The millions of people working as a part of the industry contribute to the overall economic development of the world.

If you are good with numbers and have a certain aptitude for exciting and challenging roles, a finance and investment career path can suit you. There are multiple ways of entering the global finance industry, including pursuing a degree in finance and investment.

An MSc in finance and investment in Germany will be a good option since Germany is known for its academic excellence, great universities and economic dominance. With such a degree, you can be assured of exciting and financially rewarding career prospects in Germany and abroad.

Read ahead to explore the kind of career prospects you can expect as a finance and investment graduate from Germany.

  1. Financial analyst: An average financial analyst usually works for brokerage firms, investment banks, government financial agencies or insurance companies. These professionals are responsible for extensive research and investment recommendations to their clients on behalf of their organisations. They help their clients achieve their financial goals by interpreting their financial data accurately and examining different financial and market trends.
  2. Securities and financial services agent: Securities, commodities and financial agents are often involved in transactions such as the purchase and sale of different financial commodities and securities on behalf of their clients. They focus on increasing their clients’ return on investment into the commodities markets. They are also responsible for evaluating historical trading data and market trends to make the right transactional decisions.
  3. Financial manager: You can find financial managers working for almost all corporate entities today. Financial managers develop strategies and policies to meet the financial goals of their organisation. Their work profile also includes managing company budgets, creating financial reports, and developing innovative solutions for the company’s financial issues. They are also sometimes tasked with analysing the company expenditure and suggesting cost-reduction alternatives.
  4. Financial consultant: As a financial consultant, you can either work full-time for a company or open your own freelance consultancy. Financial consultants are hired to provide generic or specialised financial advice to their clients. They explain different financial terms and obligations, monitor finance or investment accounts and transactions on behalf of their clients and research different investment opportunities for them.
  5. Actuary consultant: The role of an actuary consultant belongs more to the accounting industry than finance. However, as an actuary, you will need thorough expertise in different financial and investment aspects. Actuaries analyse different financial reports and data to determine the financial health of their client companies. They also create and suggest policy changes and strategies to improve the financial standing of their clients.

The roles available to finance and investment graduates don’t stop here. You can also explore other roles like financial attorneys, credit analysts, budget analysts, financial accountants and commercial real estate agents.

A degree in finance and investment can open the doors to financial security and freedom in a few years. Invest in a good finance management programme today to take on the corporate world by storm.


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