Google Photos gets new features: Locked folder, Cinematic photos, and more


Google Photos is getting a number of new features to offer users a better experience. The company has made it easier to keep your private photos hidden in the app. You can now protect your personal photos by adding a password. There is also a feature called Cinematic Photos, which can now create realistic videos by combining a number of similar-looking photos. Read on to know more about what all features Google Photos will soon offer you.

Locked Folder

Google Photos now offers a Locked Folder, which is basically a passcode-protected space where you can store your private photos separately. The password-protected photos or videos won’t show up if you scroll through Google Photos or any other apps on your device. There are times when you give your phone to anyone to show a photo, but you don’t want the individual to check some of your private images. So, you can use this feature to hide photos.

The Locked Folder feature will first be available for Google Pixel phones, and it will arrive on more Android devices throughout the year. Additionally,  Pixel phone users will get the option to save photos and videos directly to the Locked Folder right from the camera.


Currently, Google shows the photos as memories that were taken on a date in the past. Google Photos will now be able to display three or more pictures that share things like shape or colour. “Starting later this summer, when we find a set of three or more photos that share things like shape or colour, we’ll highlight these little patterns for you in your Memories,” Google said.

Later this year, Google Photos will also display new types of Memories of the moments you celebrate, whether that’s Diwali, Lunar New Year, Hanukkah or something else. These Memories will show up as you scroll through your photo grid, along with new Best of Month Memories and Trip highlights, which are starting to roll out today.

Apart from this, Google is also adding more granular controls for Memories in your grid. So, you can now rename a Trip highlight, or remove it completely. Additionally, the company will also add the ability to remove a single photo from a Memory, remove Best of Month Memories, and rename or remove Memories based on the moments you celebrate. But, this one won’t be available immediately and may take longer.

Cinematic photos

Google has also improved its Cinematic photos feature, which was launched back in December 2020. In case you are unaware, the feature uses Machine Learning technology to create 3D versions of any photo. It basically adds a smooth panning effect to a still photo, which gives a cinematic look to an image. The Cinematic photos show up in your recent highlights at the top of your photo grid. Now, the latest update creates realistic videos by combining a bunch of similar-looking photos.

“When you’re trying to get the perfect photo, you usually take the same shot two or three times — trying to get all my kids smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is a challenge to say the least. Using neural networks to synthesize the movement between two nearly identical photos and fill in the gaps with new frames, we can create vivid, moving images called Cinematic moments,” Google said in a blog post.

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