Google Photos gets Lens support on web browsers: Here’s how to copy text from an image



Google Lens, which allows text to be identified on images, has now been made available on the web browser version of the Photos app. The feature already works on Android and iOS and is a useful way to convert text from an image into a written text. Google uses a feature known as optical character recognition(OCR), to identify text on an image that the user can easily copy-paste.

Google’s new feature was first spotted by 9to5Google, and we were also able to see it work on the Chrome browser on a laptop. While testing the feature on Google Photos on the desktop version of Chrome, we noticed that Google automatically recognises any image with text on it and gives us the option to copy text from the image.

Keep in mind that not all Google Lens features are available on the desktop version of Google Photos. It is not capable of recognising plants and monuments at the moment, which the app version of Lens can do.

How to select text from an image on Google Photos on desktop

Go to Sign in to your Gmail account if not already done.

Then open any image which has text in it. This could be a screenshot as well.

The new option for Google Lens, which reads ‘Copy text from image’, pops up on top of the image, which has text on it. It is quite easily visible.

On clicking the option, the text in the photo is displayed on the right-hand side of the image almost instantaneously with an option to copy the text.

Users can also Deselect the text they don’t want to analyse or can select all the text in the image using the cursor.

The new text recognition feature on desktop is very useful and will help people convert handwritten or printed notes into text which will save a lot of time.


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