Factors To Consider Before Choosing Worship Seating

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Worship Seating

Choosing the proper seating for worshippers at your church is an important decision. Selecting the wrong seats can lead to many heartaches and, ultimately, money wasted. Worship seating has different requirements than regular church pews, and it’s essential to understand those requirements before deciding.

Here are a few essential factors to consider before you purchase worship seating chairs:


Budget is a significant factor in deciding what worship seating will work best for your church. If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying used or refurbished furniture. Used furniture can often be found at thrift stores or even on Craigslist, and refurbished pieces are available from some manufacturers as well.

It’s essential to consider the maintenance costs of any chairs or pews you’re considering buying as far as cleaning and repair go before deciding which ones to use in your worship space.

Shape and size of the church

Your church’s shape and size will influence your chosen seating style. For example, if your church is very long in condition, then a linear fashion would work best since it allows more people to be seated in a straight line. If your church is short and wide, then an amphitheatre style would work well because it can easily accommodate everyone comfortably. It would be best if you also thought about how flexible the seating needs to be for different services.

Material choice

Choosing the material for your church’s seating is one of your most important decisions. It is vital to consider what material is best for the congregation and what material is best for your budget. Choosing a material that will last and hold up well over time is essential. If it gets dirty quickly or stains, there may be better choices. You also want something comfortable enough so people are not distracted by pain when they sit down on it during Sunday service.

Colour and aesthetic flexibility

Consider the colour and aesthetic flexibility of your current seating. This is important if you have multiple services or events with different aesthetics. For example, if you like having a more formal service on Sunday mornings but also host concerts on Wednesday nights, it’s good to know how flexible your chairs are so that you can change up the look quickly for each service.


Technology is a significant factor when it comes to choosing seating. The technology you choose can make the worship experience more engaging and help you save both time and money.

Consider using technology to make your church more interactive, allowing members of your congregation to actively participate in the service by joining online groups, receiving text message updates, or even viewing live video feeds. This can also allow people who are unable to attend services because of distance or disability (or any other reason) still experience the same sense of community as those who do participate in person—a great benefit for everyone!

On a smaller scale, consider incorporating touchscreens into your booth design so that participants can easily interact with each other during lessons or discussions. These are especially helpful for kids’ programming because they provide an instant way for children to respond when asked questions or answer questions from their peers during group sessions–and all without needing assistance from adults nearby! In addition, touchscreens allow parents who aren’t already included in these activities to either lack interest/tolerance level – so helping out at home isn’t always realistic.”


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