Cyber Security Talk: Here Is How Companies Can Educate Customers

Cyber Security Talk
Cyber Security Talk

For companies having the duty is to educate customers’ ability the risks of malware and cybersecurity threats it is not their job to do.

But as cyber security is facing more and more threats even the non-tech companies have started considering to up their level of society. For tech companies, it is important to educate their customers that the lack of cybersecurity knowledge can cause a threat to the company as well to them.

However, this is not an easy task either.

Not only do the non-tech but tech companies need to come up with the best ways to communicate the danger of cyber threats to their customers. The best ways are including not to build distrust among the customer regarding their business but only to sound thoughtful.

To shed some light on this we have taken guidance from the Young Entrepreneur Council members.

Conventional Content Marketing Channels

Most of the crucial conversations happening between customers and customers are happening online. It was not long before mobile devices replaced all traditional forms of communication between customers and businesses.

Now it only takes a tweet, Facebook Messenger message, or even iMessage for a customer and a business to connect. With this high and convenient level of communication, it is important to safeguard the conversation by using secure mediums.

For instance, after the coronavirus outbreak people started relying on the internet more than, ever. The pandemic-induced lifestyle managed to lock everyone in their homes with only home internet at their mercy.

However, this abrupt lifestyle change did not give much time to people to understand their need for high-speed internet at home. Most of the people started surviving on slow and not secure internet service until 2021.

In the midst of 2021 as the situation in the country started easing people were quick enough to replace their TV internet bundles with high-speed and secure channels.

While some people were able to replace the slow internet with high internet service on their own, some were guided to do that.

The employees working from companies recently had to do it for effective work form home. Similarly, students were guided by their school, to have a better internet connection for uninterrupted online classes.

Keeping this in mind, you need to guide your customers about using a safe internet connection, secure medium for conversation, and more to avoid cybersecurity risk.

Provide them the secure medium to connect to you. Make them understand the process of getting their queries to your customer service team. Demonstrate how things work in a safe and clear manner.

Send an Email Newsletter

The quick and convenient way to educate customers about cybersecurity and malware attack is by sending an email newsletter.

Customers these days are using the internet more than ever. Not only for work but shopping, surfing, and generally living in the pandemic world, the internet is the only medium to survive with.

However, with the high internet usage comes the high risk of cyberattacks. 

Therefore you need to communicate with your customer by the cybersecurity hygiene and practice that can keep them safe from becoming prey to these malicious hackers.

An email newsletter can serve the purpose of directing the customers to which server to use or which links to not click to keep themselves safe from phishing attacks.

It is also important to guide and alert your customer that your company won’t be asking for specific personal information. Therefore, if a customer receives an email that depicts similar to what your company would send but ask for private details of the users, they should immediately report them.

Do Not Use Tech Jargon

To make sure your customer understands how cybersecurity practices work and implement it is important to use easy language. By using the tech jargon or complicated language for your customers you will only confuse them or push them away from the educating process.

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Therefore, when your customer reaches out to you make sure you have a neutral tone with them that helps them understand what trouble had occurred with them and how to solve it. ‘

Lastly, Link them to Specialized Publication

Not every company is created to solve cybersecurity problems. If you believe that your responsibility is only to educate the customer regarding cybersecurity and not to solve the occurred problems you should connect them with professionals.


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