COVID-19 WhatsApp helpline gets supports for vaccination information in Odisha


Odisha Government’s COVID-19 WhatsApp helpline is getting support for vaccination information. The WhatsApp helpdesk will help citizens in getting access to official COVID-19 updates, verified information and vaccination slot bookings. The service will help in guiding users through the vaccination process starting with registration on the CoWin platform to finding a vaccine slot and then procuring the vaccination certificate. Users can also avail the service to get other queries answered including safety concerns such as misinformation and rumours about vaccines.

The helpline is built on an integrated solution of WhatsApp Business API. Users can also use the helpline to know whether critical COVID-19 resources such as hospitals and Covid care centres are close by. The helpline will also allow people to find out about self diagnostic assessment. This is particularly useful for those who are under home isolation and quarantine. Users can also donate to the CM relief fund and get COVID-19 related updates through the helpline.

Gurugram Covid-19 helpline

Gurugram district administration had also launched a dedicated Covid-19 helpline on WhatsApp recently. The new helpline is set to help citizens with access to critical information, and a repository of all Covid-related resources. Free to use for the citizens, the new helpline is available in two languages: English and Hindi. Important information available on the portal includes nearby resources like RT-PCR centres, online doctor consultation, availability of beds, care centres and a portal where users can register themselves as a Covid-positive patient.

The helpline has been developed by a group of volunteers, private sector organisations and the support of various departments within the Gurugram district administration. The service is built on the WhatsApp Business API and provide quick information conveniently to citizens in need.

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