Covid-19: Rubina Dilaik shares five things that helped ‘speed up recovery’


Covid-19 has affected everyone differently. While for some, the symptoms have been mild and manageable, for many others the road to recovery has been long and fatigued. The virus, apart from affecting physical health, has also impacted the mental health of people. But in these trying times, staying positive, following a routine and doing certain simple activities can make one feel better. That is exactly what Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik did while she was in quarantine after having tested positive for COVID-19.

“I quarantined for more than 19 days. But, these are five things I did to help me speed up my recovery. Most important is to listen to your favourite music and be happy,” Rubina shared in an Instagram video.

Read on to know more.

Eat healthy

Eating nutritious and immunity-boosting foods can help speed up the recovery process. It is essential to consume adequate protein along with soaked nuts and seeds. Also, make sure you stock your pantry with these nutritious foods.

To check out some simple homemade meals for COVID-positive patients for quick recovery, click here

Stay hydrated

Maintaining the body’s hydration levels is extremely important, especially when you are feeling unwell. Check out five nutritionist-approved ways to stay hydrated.

Practise yoga

Doctors advise patients to try proning and also certain yoga exercises to keep healthy and maintain oxygen levels. Dr Naresh Trehan, chairman, Medanta, says that practising yoga helps keep the lungs healthy. Read more about it here. 

Medications on time

This is one of the most important things. Make sure you take the prescribed medicines on time. Do not self medicate. Here are nine simple things you can do to bolster health.

Listening to music

Listening to your favourite songs can uplift your mood like; so make a playlist of the songs you love jamming to! Not only that, keep yourself occupied by binge-watching shows which you always wanted to catch up on.

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