Covid 19: Now search for hospital beds and oxygen using Twitter filters


With the rise of Covid-19 cases in India, citizens across states are using social media to help each other in coordinating efforts to procure medicines, hospital beds, and oxygen cylinders, which are all in short supply. These include platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

As more and more people are infected with the virus and the implemented relief measures by the government have not been adequate, people have started using social media to help the community by offering relief measures in light of the pandemic. However, it can be difficult to find the information on Twitter as the platform is now flooded with Tweets asking for help.

Social media platforms including Twitter allow users to make use of the advanced search function that helps them search for tweets containing specific keywords, phrases, hashtags, a specific language, geographic location, a specific date — or tweets from, replying to, or mentioning a specific account. Users can find what they need using Search Operators.

The most basic Twitter operator is what users type into the search bar. For example, typing Hospital beds will search for any tweets containing those words. Twitter Users can also search for tweets from a particular account by typing the name of the account.

Supposing users want to find all tweets mentioning Oxygen cylinder vendors that were posted from Delhi, they can type “Oxygen cylinder vendor ” near Delhi to see all tweets in that specific area with the words. Users can also find all tweets from a particular area; for example by typing near: Mumbai within:15mi. Users can also search for specific hashtags in the same manner to find all tweets made by users in a particular area.

By making use of these tools users will be able to navigate Twitter with more ease at a time when many are relying on the platform to procure life-saving medicines, oxygen cylinders, and hospital beds.

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