Check Out These Family Attractions in Burlington, VT

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Burlington is an attractive and vibrant community with a lot of family attractions. It is a great place to live for people who want to be close to nature and enjoy the Vermont lifestyle.

Burlington, Vermont has a lot of things you can do with your family including taking in the sights at one of the many museums or zoos, going on a hike in one of the many parks, or visiting some of the unique shops and restaurants in town.

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If you’re looking to relocate to Burlington, here are a few family friendly attractions worth checking out:

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is a fun and educational stop for families visiting Burlington. It’s located in the heart of Downtown Burlington, so it’s easy to get to and close to other attractions.

The factory is well known for its handcrafted bears and is also the first place to make teddy bears in the United States. While visiting be sure to watch how the teddy bears are made and don’t forget to pick at your very own in the gift shop when your tour is over!

The Champlain Valley Exposition

The Champlain Valley Exposition is a place where families can come together and enjoy fun events. It features a large outdoor space with tons of activities for kids and adults alike.

It’s one of the only places in Vermont that offers a carnival, which is always fun for the kids. There are carnival games, rides, and food vendors to enjoy.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is located on the lake shore, just a few minutes from downtown. It is a family friendly museum with interactive exhibits, fun activities, and educational programs for kids of all ages.

It has exhibits that feature historic ships and artifacts from the maritime industry, including touch tanks for children to explore marine life and a pirate treasure hunt. The museum also has a large collection of paintings, photos, and memorabilia from the 19th century.

Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace is a great place to visit with your family. It’s a lively, family-friendly area with lots of shopping and dining options.  It is known for its unique shops, restaurants, and events.

If you’re looking for something to do on the weekend or during the summer months, this marketplace is perfect for you!

The Burlington Farmers Market

The Burlington Farmers Market is a popular spot for anyone looking to take the family out for a fun, family-friendly activity. It is a great place to spend a Saturday morning. There are tons of vendors to explore and you can find some unique foods and treats not found in the grocery store. 

The market offers fresh produce and local goods from vendors who are committed to sustainable farming practices. It is also a great place to pick up some Vermont souvenirs and gifts for friends back home!

Oakledge Park

Oakledge Park is a great place to visit with your family. It is a family friendly park with plenty of activities for all ages. The park has a playground, tennis courts, ball fields, and a lake that you can rent paddle boats on.

If you’re looking for an activity to do in Burlington, VT that will be fun for the whole family then Oakledge Park should be at the top of your list.

A Day Well Spent in Burlington

Burlington is a small city in Vermont and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers who want to spend a day with their family. The town has plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, including museums and nature parks.

If you are looking for a place to spend a day with your family, Burlington is the perfect destination.


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