Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 ‘Spurned and Burned’ adds new Wild West theme


Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 has started rolling out as a new update for players. The new season, named ‘Spurned and Burned’ introduces the Wild West theme to the popular battle royale mobile game. Call of Duty’s new update is now live and users should soon see it pop up on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

New changes to Season 4 include a new 1v1 Duel mode, an updated multiplayer mode, a Capture the Gold mode and a new map from the popular PC and console title Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. There are two new weapons too including the Holder 26 Mythic version and the MK2 marksman rifle.

Season 4 also brings over 50 tiers of rewards via the new updated Battle Pass. These rewards will include Wild West-themed characters, weapons and other elements. Here’s a more detailed look at the new additions.

Clan Wars

The new season will also feature Clan Wars, a competitive event that will run simultaneously with the Ranked series. The event will allow players to get to the top of the leaderboard through a series of events. Clans may compete against 5 other clans each week and earn prizes and clan currency, which can be traded for special clan store items.

Ranked Season 2, New Multiplayer modes

Players who want even more of a challenge in Call of Duty Mobile can now participate in the new ranked season. Further, a new 1v1 Duel mode will be an optimised version of the original 1v1 Duel and will be available for a limited time (May 26) with unlimited bullets set in a western theme.

Players can also use operator skills on scorestreaks in a featured showdown event.  Meanwhile,  a new “Capture the Gold” mode is now available for a limited time, adding a Wild West theme to the ‘Capture the Flag’ mode.

Weapon balancing and new World Championship 2021

The team has launched a new weapon balance pass with this update based on feedback from the community. Many different weapons across all categories, including the NA-45, QXR, HBRa3 and Man-O-War, have been adjusted for the benefit of all players.

The first round of the World Championship 2021 (WC 2021) also begins on June 3. Players who would like to participate in the WC 2021 can find more information on the Call of Duty Mobile Website.

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