Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘Erangle’ map: Here’s what it means for players


After Battlegrounds Mobile India went up for pre-registration earlier this month, the game’s launch is expected to be just around the corner. However, players who have been waiting for the new PUBG Mobile avatar in India continue to have one question ahead of the expected release. How much of PUBG Mobile will we be seeing in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

A new teaser released by Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Facebook page has provided what looks like our first hint into this. The teaser shows a polaroid photo sitting on a desk amidst cups of tea, energy drinks (a popular PUBG Mobile health-reviving tool) and the signature PUBG Mobile Pan.

The photo shows a map that looks very much like the default Erangel map from PUBG. However, below is a text element that says ‘Erangle’ instead of the original spelling. Given the different spelling has popped up in an official teaser image, it is likely more than just a typo. Check it out below.

What does the ‘Erangle’ map mean for Battlegrounds Mobile India players?

The new name suggests that while we will be seeing the same maps from PUBG mobile, they will be named differently, likely to avoid and similarities to the PUBG franchise. The original game, PUBG Mobile, continues to be banned in India since September 2020 and Krafton is making sure no part of Battlegrounds Mobile India takes any cues from PUBG, no matter how similar the spellings look.

Earlier teasers had also pointed to PUBG Mobile maps being brought to Battlegrounds Mobile India. The very first parachuting teaser showcased what looked like the Miramar desert map while a later teaser hinted at a Sanhok-like map.

The move also further dents the hope of players wondering if they will be able to carry over their PUBG Mobile account data including unlockables, rewards and in-game purchases to the new game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was also brought under the crosshair recently when Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking for a ban on the new game as well, calling the title “a big threat to security of India & privacy of our citizens and a way to circumvent & disregard our laws.” Check out the tweet below.

The letter by Ering also states that most Krafton employees and from Tencent, a Chinese company. The minister further goes on to point out that Battlegrounds Mobile India is simply a renaming of the PUBG mobile India game, as the game’s Google Play Store listing URL features the terms ‘PUBG Mobile’.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently expected to launch in India sometime in June, as suggested by some cryptic clues by the game’s social media pages earlier this month.

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