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Consciousness can help shape one’s destiny, suggests holistic health guru Dr Mickey Mehta

How do you explain Shiva, the God of Destruction, from the prism of spiritual consciousness? Dr Mickey Mehta, a leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach, recently shared a Maha Shivratri special video titled ‘Saga of Shiva’, wherein he talked about combining the...

Six changes you need to make in your diet to help fight anxiety

With the conversation around mental health at the forefront, it is time to not only be considerate towards others, but also show compassion for self. With a supremely-hectic lifestyle amid a pandemic, it is natural to feel stressed out. And we all know stress...

Why is early lung cancer screening important?

Every habitual smoker carries the major risk of developing lung cancer in a lifetime and puts others lives also at risk by exposing them to secondhand smoking. Lung cancer is one of the common types of cancers in India. A report states that more than...

Six things you can do to improve your gut health

It is no secret that the gut is like the second brain. Whenever we are anxious, upset or sad, it affects the gut. This is because 70 per cent of our happiness hormone or serotonin is formed in our gut as against the brain....

Coronavirus making you sleepless? Some tips to battle ‘coronasomnia’

For the past one year, the coronavirus pandemic has been passionately discussed around the world, in news, on social media, among friends and family, etc. So much so that it has led some people into feeling anxious and worried, even hopeless about the future....

World Glaucoma Day 2021: An ophthalmologist debunks some common myths

Glaucoma, which affects the optic nerve of the eye, is a potentially blinding disease. But, there are many misconceptions surrounding it. On World Glaucoma Day, observed annually on March 12, let us demystify some of them, courtesy Dr Smriti Jain, opthalmologist, Practo. Myth #1: Glaucoma...

Can sedentary lifestyle, mental stress lead to hormonal imbalance in middle-aged women?

Many females experience hormonal fluctuation at some point in their lives. Hormonal imbalance strikes-in when the endocrine gland fails to function appropriately. It occurs owing to diabetes, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and improper eating habits. Hormonal imbalance causes PCOD, thyroid problems,...

Can a simple swab test help diagnose and monitor Parkinson’s disease?

A simple skin-swab test could be used to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain condition if UK scientists are to go by. As per a latest study, it is possible to identify Parkinson’s based on the compounds found on one’s skin. The University...

In Kenya, speciality tea finds favour with health conscious consumer

Bella Gwada picks purple-tipped tea leaves at a farm in central Kenya early on a Saturday morning before moving to process, brew and taste the produce that had been harvested earlier. Gwada, who travelled 42 kilometres from Nairobi for the experience, is one of a...

What you need to know about managing PCOS/PCOD

Of the many health issues that affect women around the world, PCOS/PCOD has become quite common. But because there is little knowledge out there, as to how to live with the condition, seek treatment, etc., many women are unable to live a healthy life. Dr...
How to Unblock Someone on TikTok

Effective ideas to make money on TikTok

Can you make money from TikTok? The simple answer to this question is yes. One can make enough money from TikTok, but for that...
data science internship

5 Benefits of DBT Cloud for Data Teams and Analytics Engineers

The world of technology has made our lives all better. That means that not only can your business thrive with technologies like dbt cloud,...
Mexican Food

8 Foods Rich in CoQ10 To Add to Your Diet

Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10) is certainly a supplement that you should have no problem finding on the shelves of pharmacies in your area. But the...