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About Athena 

If you are currently looking into various EHR software and thinking about which one you should invest in then perhaps we can help you either decide on EMR Athena or rule this software out. Athena has been around for quite a while and the company has grown significantly in the last few years. 

While the company began in 1997, it was known as it is today. At first Athena solely focused on women and dealt with gynaecological needs. But since then the company has grown exponentially and today serves a variety of medical specializations so that everyone can enjoy the offerings of this popular software. In this piece we will tell you about several features in this software which make it great as well as give you an overview of the reviews and ratings of this software. 

Features in EMR Athena that are Popular

Manage your Claims with Ease

The first feature in Athena EMR we want to tell you about is the claims feature which helps make things a lot easier at your medical practice. The claims feature in this software helps you to file claims somewhat automatically as it populates forms itself to an extent. This enables you to reduce the number of mistakes you would otherwise make which leads to your claims being accepted much quickly and also being reimbursed faster which is honestly a great thing! All in all, this feature allows you to have better cash flow at your medical practice!

Optimize your Schedule and Increase Patients

The next feature in EMR Athena we want to highlight is the patient scheduling feature. This feature allows you to schedule as many patients in a day as possible. This leads to optimizing your schedule so there is optimum efficiency in your work day. Because of your ability to see as many patients as possible, you have time for more appointments in a day which inadvertently helps you to bring more patients into your practice since you are able to see a higher number of people every single day! 

Patient Portal to Reduce your Burden

As a doctor you have a lot of tasks on your hands and have to see several patients daily. However, with the patient portal feature in EMR Athena you are able to relax somewhat in terms of your responsibilities at work. This is because the patient portal allows patients to log on to their own platform and schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming visits and much more. All of this means that you no longer have to do it yourself which means your administrative duties are reduced and you do not have to stress about scheduling and sending out appointment reminders manually! 

Integrated Lab Report Features

The final EMR Athena feature we want to tell you about is the lab integration feature which helps you to make diagnosis for your patients much faster. With this feature you are able to integrate labs into your software so that you can order test results for patients directly as well as receive their results directly too. This cuts down the time it takes for you to make a diagnosis for your patients since whatever test results you were relying on would be sent to you quicker which helps you come to a conclusion sooner too. 

What Athena EMR Reviews and Ratings Say

There is no doubt that EMR Athena happens to be one of the most popular EHR software in the market, however is it a good one? Well, according to most reviews the software is decent. The average rating for Athena on most websites is 3.5 stars or above which shows you that users are satisfied with the software but there is something left to be desired. 

If you dive more in-depth into some of the reviews you will see that the software is well liked but of course there are certain things and features that users do not like. A common complaint for EMR Athena happens to be the billing system and pricing. A lot of users are of the belief that the billing features are inadequate and leave a lot to be desired especially for the price they are paying to use them! 

Should You Invest in Athena EMR?

Hopefully you will have come to a decision about Athena on your own after reading our piece. If you are still confused we highly recommend asking the vendor for a EMR Athena demo to see whether or not the software would match your needs. We are sure whatever decision you make in regards to this software will be the right one! Also you can see drchrono software demo here!


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