Apple Watch may get blood sugar monitoring feature, claims new report


A new report states that a future Apple Watch could feature various new health sensors to measure blood glucose, blood pressure and alcohol levels. An SEC filing for UK startup Rockley Photonics has revealed a significant relationship with Apple, that may result in the introduction of blood sugar monitoring functions to future products.

Rockley Photonics is a UK-based company that is involved in designing sensors for monitoring blood using infrared light. The sensors are said to be capable of monitoring blood glucose and alcohol levels, which is normally possible using medical or specialised equipment.

According to an SEC filing first reported by the UK’s Telegraph, Rockley Photonics is preparing to go public in New York, and Apple is identified as one of its few large customers. Rockley has stated the two largest customers accounted for 100 per cent of the firm’s revenue in 2020, and 99.6 per cent in 2019.  While we don’t know for sure if Apple is the company’s biggest or second-largest customer, it seems highly probable that Apple being named in the filing could mean it is a major client of the startup.

Apple Watch currently includes sensors for metrics such as heart rate, but if the device gets updated with sensors for measuring blood glucose levels, it could prove to be a game-changer. Rockley CEO Andrew Rickman has stated that he anticipates technology developed by the company will be in consumer products by 2022, though he did not state whether the technology will be present on Apple products.

Apple is said to be working on patent applications for components that could be used to monitor glucose levels through the skin, instead of relying on drawing blood, though again the accuracy of the feature would be closely watched.

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