Apple ProMotion: What is it and when could it come to iPhones?



High refresh rate displays have become very common elements on Android devices, even budget ones. A 90Hz or 120Hz display can be today found on mid-range devices and flagship devices, while dedicated gaming Android phones even feature 144Hz panels. However, the feature is yet to reach the Apple iPhone lineup.

However, the tech has been adopted by Apple iPad Pro models in a feature called ProMotion. While cheaper Android devices feature 90Hz and 120Hz display panels, these are fixed refresh rate displays that will lock at either 60Hz or 90Hz or 120Hz. On the contrary, display panels that can dynamically adjust themselves according to on-screen content and movement are only found on higher-priced products.

ProMotion on Apple iPad Pro models can take the refresh rate up to 120Hz but can also bring it down to any number between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on the content on the screen. So if you’re playing a game that does not support extra frames for higher-refresh rate displays, the screen will not waste battery trying to refresh 120 times every second.

Similarly if you are on a stationary screen while reading a page or looking at a picture, the screen will tone down the refresh rate even further to dynamically save up on battery life.

When will ProMotion displays come to iPhones and MacBooks?

The Apple iPhone 12 series was heavily expected to bring in ProMotion display panels considering how popular high-refresh-rate screens have become in flagship Android phones. However, the entire iPhone 12 series lineup skipped the feature. It now remains to be seen if the feature will come with the iPhone 13 series. Apple has as of now, not confirmed this.

High refresh rates are becoming increasingly common on gaming-focused laptops and content-creation machines as well. However, mainstream laptops are yet to get a taste of higher-refresh rate displays. The same goes for Apple’s MacBook lineup, all of which operate at 60Hz as of now. However, Apple could bring ProMotion to the MacBook Pro 2021 or iMac 2021. This is again, just speculation at this point.

Apple is set to unveil its new iPad Pro, and other products this upcoming week during its April 20 event. More details on which of these new products or any future ones featuring the ProMotion display tech could be revealed during the event.


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