Ambani and Adani : Know About Their Wealth

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So, who is the richest of them all? Do you think it’s Mukesh Ambani whom Forbes has declared to be the wealthiest Indian ever? Or is the crown going to Gautam Adani? After all, Bloomberg has recently declared him to be the first centi-billionaire of the country with a wealth of $108 billion. As per the Billionaire Index of Bloomberg, Adani is at the ninth position on the list of the richest people in the world.  

Going by the calculations of Bloomberg, Ambani is about $10 billion behind at $98.5 billion, which gives him the eleventh position on their list. However, the list by Forbes disagrees with Bloomberg. Forbes keeps Adani’s worth at $89 billion and gives him the eleventh position in the list of the wealthiest people in the world. 

Also, Ambani is one of the two non-US residents who have made it to the Top Ten list by Forbes. The other name is of Bernard Arnault, the chairman of the most luxurious brands in the world like Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. His worth is estimated at $173.5 billion.   

One thing is for sure that Adani’s wealth has increased since the past year. On the Forbes Rich Indian List 2021, his worth was estimated at $74.8 billion. 

Share prices of Adani Enterprises skyrocketing 

The superb speed of Adani’s rise can be well-explained by the meteoric rise in the share prices of his company. The flagship of the group, Adani Enterprises, had a steep increase in stock value in the past few days. It went from INR 1,997 on 31st March to INR 2,155 on 6th April. Look back a month ago and it was INR 1,564 and one year back, it was INR 1,165 on 7th April, 2021. 

This year’s list has 166 billionaires from India, which is a good number, but US billionaires are still ahead at 765. 

Poonawalla from the Serum Institute is another top winner for this year because he has produced a majority of the COVID-19 vaccines the country needed this year. Thus, he came out a lot richer naturally. As per Forbes estimates, Poonawalla’s worth was nearly $12 billion in 2020, $18 billion in 2021, and presently $24 billion. 

Forbes list has the beauty entrepreneur from Nykaa too 

Falguni Nayar also makes her first appearance on Forbes list. She is a success story as she made a brilliant transition from working as a senior banker at the Kotak Bank to turning out as the leading fashion and beauty entrepreneur of India with her ecommerce store Nykaa.  

Her successful IPO puts Nayar’s worth at $4.5 billion. She also holds the feat of being the second richest woman on this list right after Savitri Jindal of the Jindal Group ($17 billion). 

The Forbes list is proof that the economy of the country has progressed significantly and new stars are coming into the forefront instead of older names, such as Kumar Birla who did not make it to the Top 100 this year. He holds the 106th position, with a wealth of $16.5 billion. 


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