6 money management app that makes your life easier

money management app

Did you start earning and having trouble saving? Are you in your mid-20s and despairing because you could not save a little? Don’t worry; several apps help you save money. Money management is one of the essential skills required for adulting. Since many apps are flooding the market, it gets harder to choose which is the best fit for you. These 6 apps will help you manage your finances, achieve your long-term goals or eliminate debt- there is something for everyone!

  1. Clarity Money

Clarity Money helps you take over the world by controlling your finances. This app enables you to identify and cancel wasteful subscriptions to help you lower your monthly bills. It also allows you to find better credit cards. It also decides if you are spending a lot on specific areas. You can also put aside your long-term financial plans, like going on a summer trip, and help you save some money in your savings account. As the name suggests, rightfully, this app lets you take a second look at your spending patterns with more clarity.

  • You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is pretty popular in the finance world because of its budgeting philosophy. It gives you a financial makeover and helps pay your debts, save more money and break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. YNAB is designed in a way that it syncs your bank account, import data from a file, or even manually enter each transaction. Unlike other apps, which just track your daily expenditure, YNAB provides a proactive saving plan. It works in four significant steps-

  • Assign every dollar for a job in advance.
  • Save for a rainy day.
  • Informing the user about over-spending before moving in the next month.
  • Live on last month’s income and break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change, this might be the right app for you! Unfortunately, apart from the 34 days trial, YNAB is a paid app. You can go to pirate bay proxy and download it from there to get this app.

  • Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget app is one of the best financial planners, expense tracking, and personal asset management. Track your professional and private transactions, keep tabs on your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses, and generate an expense report. It lets you see your costs in graphs and pie charts. Under the ‘assets’ tab, you can view your outstanding due. You can also generate an auto-debit facility by linking your bank to this account.

  • Monefy

Monefy is a simple, easy-to-use app that helps you manage your finances by tracking your bills or purchase details. It is a money tracker tool that is a favorite among people due to its straightforward user interface without any complications. Get a detailed record of your spending habits with easy-to-read graphics. It maps out a monthly budget by comparing your past expenses. You just have to enter your daily expenses for an appropriate monthly budget.

  • Mint

Mint is one of the most popular apps used by almost 25 million users. It is a favorite among the users for being a good budgeting software. It is entirely free of cost and tracks all your investments in one place. It’s easy to use for budgeting of all levels. You can set up your bill payment reminders, track assets and access your TransUnion credit score- all at the same place. All these factors make Mint people choose the best free budgeting app. Although being an excellent app, it comes with its cons. The in-app product ads can get pretty annoying. Some users experience technical issues very often. Also, Mint can expand and add more options in spending categories.

  • PocketGuard

If you tend to overspend on certain days, PocketGuard might be perfect for you. The app uses an algorithm to track your incomes, expenses, and saving goals and sets up a daily spending limit. The fixed daily spending limit helps you take control of your financial plan. But, PocketGuard is not free and has a cost. It has no phone support, and few users have complained about technical issues.


To manage your finances is a big decision so we compiled a list for you to make things easier for you. Saving money and managing your budget changes your life completely. If you keep track of your income, expenses, savings and debt pay-off it significantly improves your financial health.

These apps usually sync with your financial accounts. Most people are often not aware of how much they spend every month on certain things. These money management apps help you identify your spending habits and categorize them according to priorities. When it comes to budgeting, everyone has their own preferences and it mostly depends on the willingness to invest money in certain areas. 


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