5 Things To Do When Medical Bills Become Overwhelming

overwhelming medical bill debt

Do you know?

One in every five citizens of the United States is rutting in an overwhelming medical bill debt. A recent survey brought that to the spotlight in early 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic.

Here’s the thing:

A timely, quality medical care (which is basically expensive) is one of the most essential human needs. So, it’s easy to get caught in an expanding medical debt without notice.

And the irony:

Overwhelming medical debt can be depressing, becoming a threat to your medical well-being.


Suppose you found yourself in a rut, what are the steps you can take to get out a free man? See below for the 5 things to do when medical bills become overwhelming.

Starting with…

Seeking The Hospital Financial Assistance

Chances are you don’t know this:

Almost all hospitals have financial assistance programs to assist patients in clearing their bills. In fact, some hospitals have special charity medical care that lets you pay less or get free healthcare.

So, do this:

Before checking in for a treatment, ask the hospital attendant or manager about their charity program. And for an already acquired debt, inquire about the hospital’s financial assistance policy.

One important thing:

If you’re a high-income earner, you have the slimmest chances of being eligible for assistance.

Moving on to…

Quitting The Habit Of Turning Medical Debts To Credit Card Debts


The biggest mistake you’re not aware of is paying your medical bills with your credit card. You know, doing that automatically turns your medical bill into a credit card bill.

And you know what:

You automatically lose the legal protections of a medical bill such as low or no interest rate. Another perk you lose is the opportunity to negotiate your bill on credit cards.

Next up…

Reaching Out To A Non-profit Advocate

All you have to do is look and ask:

When the debts are overwhelming and you’re sinking deeper into them, a non-profit advocate becomes a savior.

But careful:

Some “advocates” are actually out there to scam you. Desperate debtors are usually the easiest prey. So, it’s important you do your THOROUGH findings of whomever you find.

As a pointer:

If an advocate starts pushing emails, texts, and calls through to you, advertizing “sweet” loan opportunities to you, run. A true advocate should help you get out of debt, not get you in one.

Next one…

Unleash Your Inner Pushy Attorney

Strange truth:

We are all potential lawyers or marketers. Put it the way you want but you have a genius negotiator in you. Tap into that power to negotiate your bills with your hospital.

Do this:

Explain your present financial situation to them and request for a reduction in the most gentlemanly way possible. You can strengthen your negotiation if you had a good credit card score.


Make The Debtor To Stop Calling You

You read that right:

According to the National Consumer Center, there are legal steps you can take to stop debtors from calling you. You can either write them a no-contact letter or do it over the phone.

Either way:

You’re able to think straight and restrategize to figure out a way to clear your debts off the books.

And that’s a wrap.


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