Yellow fungus: From symptoms to causes, all you need to know


Amid the pandemic, there have been some serious concerns about the increase in Covid-19 cases along with a number of fungal infections. After black and white fungus, the recent case of yellow fungus has become a cause for concern. However, Dr Navneet Sood, pulmonary consultant, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, said that “such fungal infections prevailed even before this pandemic, just that people were not that aware.”

What do we need to know about fungal infections?

Instead of getting carried away by news reports mentioning such cases, one needs to deal with the situation patiently and understand the basic mechanism of fungal infections and their development, be it is the black, white, or yellow fungus, said Dr Sood.

“A person with lesser immunity or suffering from comorbidities is prone to a number of fungal infections. However, many non-COVID patients are also prone to some such infections as they have been suffering from other prolonged severe physical conditions which have deeply affected their body’s defense mechanism,” mentioned Dr Sood.

But, instead of associating every fungal infection with COVID, one needs to look at the diverse range of other reasons responsible for the disease, he said. “COVID itself is aggravating the severity of already prevailing physical conditions but other responsible factors should not be ignored,” he told

So what is yellow fungus, and how severe it can be?

Yellow fungus initially develops by the presence of moulds (a type of fungi) in the environment. It may be present with unnecessary fatigue, rashes, burning sensation on skin etc. It may not start from the lungs but it invades internal organs of the body and affects the entire functioning. It may be dangerous, but the focus should be on its prevention. As far as its severity and risk factors are concerned, like any other infection, yellow fungus can be severe if not treated early. Its sheer development and spread in the body depends upon the prevailing medical and physical condition of a patient.

Potential causes of yellow fungus

*Prolonged use of steroid,
*Contaminated environment
*Uncontrolled diabetes
*Unhygienic or dirty surroundings
*Unhygienic habits
*Lesser immunity

“The need of the hour is to maintain the required level of hygiene during treatment. We are living amid a pandemic and the rush in hospitals is very high. Apart from right treatment, family members visiting patients in the hospitals should keep hygiene level in check,” mentioned Dr Sood.

*Avoid extra moisture or humidity in the isolation area of the patient.
*De-clutter the isolation area from unnecessary/unused things
*Frequently clean the equipment and change bedsheets.
*Always serve patients with clean hands.
*Maintain hygiene at every level.
*Ensure clean water availability for patient’s use
*Keep comorbidities in check.

“Always remember COVID is not a solely responsible aggravating factor for such fungal infections, other contributing factors should be considered and taken care of,” said Dr Sood.

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