Why Pillow Boxes Are So Popular For Brand Marketing?

pillow boxes

Thinking of innovative packaging for your brand? Try pillow boxes.

As the name suggests, these boxes are shaped like a pillow. The ends tuck in to give full coverage to the products inside. With increased efficiency in the packaging industry, these boxes are made with the utmost precision and custom options. Of late, the boxes have cultivated a cult following with customers and sellers alike preferring to use these boxes.

You might feel confused. Why should you try to be creative with your packaging rather than opt for the ordinary ones? Of course, having custom packaging gets your hands full but that by far is outweighed by their positive impact on your brand image.

Pillow shape is different and made from strong materials to help the products reach any location easily. Also, the customers have a pool of brands to choose from. You need to be distinct for them to notice your brand instantly. The pillow shaped boxes help you in all your packaging endeavors and are the ultimate solution to your marketing hassles. In a nutshell; these boxes are unique, durable, pocket-friendly, and are masterly designed to fit with your brand’s personality. The varied areas that these boxes cater to, have made them a must-have for many brands.

You can go through their endless uses to be convinced of their worth. Here are some of them:

Ability to be carved out of any material

Most packaging boxes suit well with just one stock paper. But the pillow shape is easily crafted from a list of material choices. These include:

  • Kraft paper
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid paper
  • Corrugated stock, among others

All the mentioned materials are durable and, above all, they are eco-friendly. No brand wants to risk averting customers because of irresponsible brand image. Your boxes are a reflection of your brand values and ethos. Presenting it through bio-degradable packaging can work well to sell more products. Customers appreciate climate preservation and seeing your brand adhere to this policy can definitely be a big plus point.

pillow boxes

Moreover, when you have the freedom to choose the required material, you also can modify it to fit well. This comprises:

  • Having diverse sizes for all products (small to medium).
  • Choosing the apt thicknesses so your products are protected effectively.
  • Saving on the material by employing only the needed quantity.
  • Make the boxes as premium as you can afford.

Innovation has allowed the boxes to be customized with the exact requirements. Nothing impresses customers more than having their products delivered as shown. They are highly likely to order again and prefer your brand over others. Customer loyalty is also fostered when the products reach them safely.

Easy access to the products

Even though unboxing is the latest trend, it doesn’t mean that the customers spend a lot of time just trying to get to the products. Pillow boxes have both unique designs and convenience to access the contents.

Customers always react strongly to new types of packaging that are not too common. When they see your products in such boxes, their excitement is bound to grow. This is a unique point-of-selling and brands try to cash in on the enthusiasm as it makes the products look better. Your brand image is radiated through the boxes and your brand identity can hence be recognized easily with distinct box units. Some convenient factors include:

  • Easily accessible side tabs.
  • These can be opened and closed multiple times.
  • The sturdy material preserves the contents for longer.
  • Custom messages can give the buyers a pleasant unboxing feel.
  • A great accessibility mechanism gets retained in customers’ memories and implores them to buy exclusively from your brand.

The boxes are attention-generating tools that can be made even more enticing with printing boxes in custom designs. Standard boxes cannot be employed for branding purposes because they are unable to spread brand recognition. With so many brands around, your business name must shine brightly for buyers to indulge in impulsive shopping.

Customize in minimal box space

These boxes might seem smaller in size as compared to the bigger conventional ones. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot be effectively customized. With so much expert help, your boxes can look better than any other at retail shops.

The boxes have the ability to be designed in personalized forms to give customers a unique appeal. For instance:

  • Impart brand logo and title to potential buyers.
  • Educate them about the product and its functions.
  • Use colorful illustrations to garner interest.
  • Help the buyers to contact your company with relevant info.

Researchers have proved that when customers see your brand image on a loop, they are bound to trust your brand for purchases. This is so because familiarity helps customers to pick the brand out of the many options. Moreover, pleasant boxes play a major role in influencing the clients’ decision to buy products.

Multiple styling options help to distinguish the products from others. Some of these are:

  • Window cutouts. They help clients to see the items before they purchase them. This provides a good opportunity to show off your creativity.
  • A die-cut style makes the boxes different even with a pillow-shaped design.
  • Embossed logo and foil-stamped title can all add to the charm of these boxes.

If you are running on a limited budget, then these boxes are truly God-sent for you. They use lesser paper stock and can be produced with the latest printing technology. Lower costs with an elevated brand image can inflate your profit levels.

Cosmetic products, food items, small electronics, jewelry pieces are among some of the many product types that can be productively packaged in pillow boxes. You don’t have to look for the ideal packaging solution when you have these boxes just an order away!


Industries are trying to find creative ways to package products. Pillow-shaped packaging boxes are the right tool for branding and aid to rise above the competition.


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