Why is Laravel regarded as one of the most common PHP frameworks in 2021?


Since there are so many other choices, picking the right PHP framework to create a web application for your company can be a difficult job. We at Laravel Development Company India ,  have been using the Laravel system for Laravel application creation for the past few years. Other PHP programming frameworks have also been used and tested.

However, we needed some additional capabilities and features. In a previous blog, we spoke about the best PHP development frameworks. In this article, we’ll talk about why we think Laravel is the best PHP framework for 2021.

These benefits should be enough to pique your interest in the Laravel framework. While calling it perfect would be an exaggeration, Laravel is without a doubt one of the best PHP frameworks available.

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Why is Laravel considered to be one of the best PHP frameworks in 2018?

Let’s look at the key technological advantages that make Laravel the best of the bunch.

1) Authentication Technique: The Laravel system makes authentication techniques very easy to implement. Almost everything is in full working order. Laravel makes organizing authorization logic and controlling access to different tools a breeze.

2) Object-Oriented Libraries: Laravel is the best PHP framework because it comes with Object Oriented Libraries and other pre-installed libraries that no other PHP framework has. The Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. Checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) security, and encryption are just a few of the advanced features.

3) Artisan: The Laravel system includes a method called Artisan. This tool enables a developer to automate the majority of the repetitive and time-consuming programming activities that most developers avoid.

4) MVC Support: Another reason Laravel is the best PHP framework is that it, like Symfony, supports MVC Architecture, which ensures that logic and presentation are separated. MVC improves performance, allows for better documentation, and comes with a variety of built-in features. This is how Laravel’s MVC operates.

5) Protection: Inside Laravel’s system, security is taken care of. It employs a hashed password, which ensures that the password is never stored in plain text in the database. Injection attacks are impossible with the Laravel system since it uses prepared SQL statements.

6) Database Migration Database migrations in the Laravel system are extremely simple. You can quickly move the changes to every other development machine you have if you keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds.

7) Excellent Tutorials (Laracasts): In order to produce more, developers must always learn more. Laravel provides Laracasts, a collection of free and paid video tutorials that demonstrate how to use Laravel for production. Jeffery Way, an experienced coach, produced all of the lessons. The video quality is excellent, and the lessons are well-planned and informative.

8) Blade Templating Engine: The Laravel framework’s Blade templating engine is very intuitive and makes working with the standard PHP/HTML spaghetti a breeze, making it one of the framework’s best features.

9) User Interface That Is Responsive

With the introduction of Laravel 5.5, a new feature called Responsable Interface was added to the system. It’s a class that’s used to enforce the interface that can be returned by calling the controller method.

10) Package Discovery by Auto

Automatic Package Discovery is a new feature in Laravel 5.5 that automatically detects the packages that users want to install. As a result, users no longer need to create any aliases or providers when downloading new packages in Laravel. Developers can also disable this function for unique packages in Laravel 5.5.

final thoughts

So, why is Laravel considered one of the best PHP frameworks in 2018? Because of the aforementioned outstanding features, the Laravel framework is becoming increasingly common.


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