Why Is Azure Fundamentals Certification Best For Azure Beginners?

Why Is Azure Fundamentals Certification Best For Azure Beginners?

In this technological-driven epoch, organizations and enterprises are shifting to the cloud to ensure the maximum benefits for their businesses. Microsoft Azure is the globally accepted and widely adopted cloud platform. Therefore, organizations and companies are looking for Azure certified professionals. The Azure Fundamentals certification is the best choice for individuals desiring to begin their careers in Azure. 

Microsoft Azure And Its Certifications

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that provides more than 200 fully-featured cloud services. It satisfies the business needs for building, deploying, testing, and managing applications on the cloud. 

It is a perfect blend of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Moreover, users can perform different tasks, like storage, networking, virtual computing, etc., quickly and securely. 

From healthcare to manufacturing industries, most organizations are adopting Azure for cost-effective business solutions. Therefore, individuals wishing to build their careers in the cloud have to learn Azure skills. 

Several Azure certifications are available, classified into three tiers – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is the best option for Azure freshers. 

Why Is Azure Fundamentals Best For Azure Beginners?

The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification validates individuals for their strong understanding of Azure services, Azure price and support, Azure workloads, cloud concepts, and Azure security and privacy. 

This Microsoft Azure certification requires candidates to understand basic technological concepts, like application support, networking, application development, compute, and storage. 

Both technical and non-technical people can take this fundamental-level Microsoft Azure certification. Individuals interested in the cloud and wishing to validate their fundamental knowledge of cloud services can undoubtedly pursue this certification. 

After seeking the Azure Fundamentals certification, you can move forward to pursue associate-level and expert-level certifications. However, this fundamental Microsoft Cloud certification, AZ-900, is not prerequisite to earning other level certifications.

Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam

To earn the Azure Fundamentals certification, one has to appear for the AZ-900 exam. It requires applicants to possess basic knowledge of cloud services and how these services are associated with Azure. The AZ-900 exam tests applicants’ knowledge of describing:  

  • Cloud concepts
  • Core Azure services
  • Core management tools and solutions on Azure
  • Network security and general security features
  • Privacy, governance, identity, and compliance features
  • Service Level Agreements and Azure cost management

6 Tips To Prepare For Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

  1. AZ-900 Study Material

Having the updated and credible study material is essential to pass any exam. You can also refer to various websites, forums, books or join groups to collect more study material. It is always better to explore more information rather than sticking to a single source. 

  1. Microsoft Learning

You can pursue any Microsoft certification with the help of this platform. One of the most dependable and trustworthy sources of any course material, you will find a dedicated section for Azure certifications’ study material. 

  1. Instructor-Led Training

Many candidates prefer training for the preparation, as it helps them to understand concepts more clearly. You can opt for either instructor-led or online training from Microsoft Learning Portal. Additionally, you can head towards an accredited Microsoft Gold Training Partner, like Koenig Solutions, for practical training. 

  1. Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft Documentation is again a credible and reliable source for the AZ-900 exam. It consists of detailed information about Azure services. Moreover, you can learn Azure services with a step-by-step tutorial present in this documentation. 

  1. Practice Test

Practice is the most effective strategy for passing any exam. You should attempt multiple mock tests and solve several sample papers. Doing this will help you identify your weak and strong topics, and later, you can concentrate more on the former.

  1. Participate In Communities

Participating in different groups, forums, or communities can help you find answers to queries. Moreover, you can enhance Azure knowledge with the help of a group’s or community’s experienced members. 


For Azure certification training, Koenig Solutions is an excellent training organization. It is the most preferred training center across the globe that provides first-rate training for several certifications. Many IT professionals choose this organization to seek training for Microsoft Azure certifications. 

There are hands-on lab sessions available that help you gain practical knowledge. You can take advantage of either 4-hour training or 8-hour training per day with the multiple training modes. Additionally, the Azure certification cost charged is pretty reasonable according to the facilities provided. 


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