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Why Has Online Poker Become So Popular

Mobile Casinos

The pandemic has hit many industries in different ways, but it hasn’t all been negative. Online casinos have done remarkably well during a time when in-person gambling sites were closed. Though it looks like that growth has slowed, more states are legalizing online gaming like poker, which promises to give more avenues for growth even as casinos open back up.

Why would players continue to frequent online poker providers when their favorite physical site opens back up? There are plenty of advantages that the online game offers that in-person venues just can’t match.

Play Anywhere

Mobile devices have gotten more and more powerful over the past decade, as has the technology that fuels the constant stream of data that makes them useful. Though there have been some delays to the 5G rollout in the US, it is inevitable that the new technology will reach more Americans in the next year. This growth in both sides of mobile technology means that players have more options than ever for their online poker experience. They can have a quick game while waiting for a coffee or waiting for friends to arrive. There are no travel costs to get to the casino or worrying about parking or getting home too late. Players are free to just play their favorite game, which is why we think online casinos are the future of gaming.

Big Prizes

It used to be that online casinos didn’t pay out nearly as much as in-person tournaments, but that is no longer the case. Even mainstream poker professionals are making big bucks by playing online. One of the greatest poker players of all time, Phil Ivey, was a huge success in the online poker world; one of his accounts turned a $20m profit, the most in poker history. When you consider his live tournament cashes over the last five years are $21m, the full potential of the online game is revealed. While most players aren’t going to bring in anywhere near Phil Ivey’s levels of money by playing online, it is worth noting that he has made nearly as much playing online as he did in some of the biggest tournaments in the world. There is nothing stopping the dedicated poker professional from making a healthy living solely from online poker.

Set Up Your Own Space

We’ve all gotten pretty comfortable in our own homes the past few years, which has given us the chance to set up our space exactly how we like it. This is even more important when playing online poker. While an in-person casino generally frowns at people having poker tips and odds sitting beside them at the poker table, there are no such restrictions when playing online. In fact, most online poker players will invest in a second monitor so they can quickly glance at any necessary reference material without leaving the game window. Add in the obvious comfort of being in your favorite chair, with the lighting and sound exactly how you want it to be, and it is obvious to see why this setup would appeal to many players.



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