Why Brides Apply Ubtan Before The Wedding?


What Is Ubtan?

Ubtan as we call it is a traditional face and body mask which has been used for centuries on the skin. It is very common in south Asia where brides apply ubtan on their skin before their marriage, but over time people have stopped applying it without realizing that they are pushing away a very natural and harmless beauty item from their skincare routines. 

Why Do People Apply Ubtan?

It was and currently is a tradition for a bride to apply ubtan before her wedding in South Asia. So, it is considered to be an important component of the skincare routine. It makes the skin glow flawlessly and makes it look visibly clear in just one or two applications.

How Can Ubtan Make Your Skin Look Better?

People make Ubtan from natural herbs and 100% organic ingredients. This makes it a 100% organic product. This ensures that it has no side effects on your skin. You can apply / buy ubtan on your face and whole body and you will see the effects in a few applications.

We have listed down the benefits of using ubtan on your skin. You will see that it is not only good for wedding preparations but also everyday use.

Ubtan Helps Get Rid Of Tan

The Ubtan have the property of cooling the skin. They help in relieving your skin from excess heat and remove the tan. These ingredients are such that when the ubtan is applied to your face they also help in removing dead skin from the face and result in very soft baby-like skin. 

Lightens Marks on The Skin

Ubtan can help clear your skin and lighten the marks on your skin. It creates a blemishing effect which makes the marks lighter on the skin.

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Reduces Facial Hair

Applying Ubtan regularly on your face weakens the roots of the facial hair. This helps you get rid of facial hair. After frequently applying ubtan on your face you will observe a gradual decrease in your facial hair.

Brightens The Skin

Ubtan is made of all-natural ingredients. They play a vital part in brightening the skin. When you apply ubtan on your skin it brightens the skin and makes it glow naturally. After applying, your skin will look more radiant.

Exfoliates Dead Skin

Ubtan when dried up acts as a scrub and exfoliant on your skin. You can scrub your face with it while washing it off and it will remove all the dead skin from your face. This makes a fresher and smoother layer appear from underneath the dead skin making your skin glow.

After reading about all the benefits ubtan has to offer, you now know why brides have been using ubtan before their marriage. It is also advised to use on normal occasions.

Where Can You Get Ubtan From?

There are many places where you can buy ubtan from. It is usually available at local general stores and cosmetic shops in Pakistan. But if you wish to buy 100% organic ubtan then you can buy it online from Hair Energy by Ayesha Sohaib. It is a well-known brand for making organic products and you can be sure that its products are animal and cruelty-free. Their customer reviews also show great feedback and positive results.

How to make Ubtan paste for Glowing Skin

This ubtan is great and can also be used as a moisturizer. Soak almonds in a bowl of fresh, warm milk and leave the bowl to rest overnight. In the morning, peel the skin of almonds and add 1 tbsp of sesame oil, 1 tbsp of tulsi powder. Now grind it all together to make a thick paste.

Apply the ubtan mask formed, to your face and leave it on for at least 20 minutes. After it dries up, wash your face with warm water.

For excellent results, use this mask at least two times a week to increase the moisture level of your skin.


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