What to Think About When Choosing a Part-Time MBA in Singapore

MBA in Singapore

With the advancement in technology, more and more people are working away from the traditional office space, whether it is due to work-life balance or simply embracing a mobile lifestyle. This has given rise to a part-time MBA, which allows individuals to manage their personal life along with professional aspirations. A flexible education model lets them learn at their own pace without compromising quality. So what should you consider when choosing a part-time management MBA in Singapore?

Career Goals

For some, an MBA degree may not significantly change their career; for others, it is the difference between starting and growing or struggling with stagnation. Knowing what you hope to achieve with your MBA will help you choose the type of program that best meets your needs – whether you want more technical knowledge and skills in finance, marketing, and operations or strategic skills to take the next step in your leadership journey.


As discussed earlier, the amount of required work depends on the part-time MBA you choose. So, apart from duration and course content, consider what would give you the most flexibility in your schedule. Are there specific dates when courses start and end? If so, can you leave and return to the workforce without negatively impacting your career? An accelerated part-time MBA in Singapore might mean fewer weekends away from your family, but you can take time off at any time to travel. A weekly or monthly program may maintain the same high level of engagement as an on-campus program. Still, it gives you more flexibility in scheduling each class around your personal life.

Class Format & Location

In addition to the flexibility of your schedule, pay attention to how often you will be required to travel for an on-campus program. Consider whether it is worth investing in a trip abroad or whether taking courses online would save you time and money. If you go for a local program, consider how often the class will meet. Are they mostly day courses or evening classes? Also, if possible, check out the location of your preferred institute and whether it is in an area that is convenient for you to get to from work or home.

Cost & Funding

In terms of investment, it is essential to compare the cost of a part-time MBA between different institutions. In addition, if your employer does not pay for it or you have limited savings opportunities, consider whether a bursary may be available through your school or program provider. For some students, this aspect alone can help them decide on a program because, without appropriate funding, they will not be able to take the course.

Program Content & Module Structure

It is essential to have a clear idea of the program content, module structure, and learning outcomes for each course. Ensure you know what you will learn from the courses and how this knowledge can be applied in your workplace. You should also check any prerequisites or requirements because some programs may require you to take courses before entering the program or completing other educational qualifications.

Career Prospects & Opportunities

Last but not least, consider your career prospects and opportunities after enrolling in an MBA program. Have conversations with friends, business partners, or mentors to understand how they feel you can benefit from the course. Also, talk about whether it will help you explore new career options or learn how to start your own business. For some, a part-time management MBA return on investment in Singapore takes more than five years; for others, it may happen faster. This is something that only you can decide after weighing up all the essential factors.


To sum up this article, your choice of a part-time MBA program in Singapore will depend on what you hope to achieve after completing it. As a result, carefully consider whether a specific program will help achieve your career goals and what it can bring to your resume. In the end, find a course that will help you improve yourself as a professional and contribute to your organization’s success.


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