Top ways to make money online and offline


Became a delivery rider or driver
Earn money as a delivery driver

Got a bike, motor or car? How about smartphone? This is where you have to earn extra money by serving food or serving people when you have free time.

Sign up with specialized delivery companies like Delivery who are always looking for new riders. They allow you to work with complete flexibility, allowing you to deliver food from restaurants to customers’ doors. You can earn up to 16 per hour.

Double your opportunities by contacting local tourism and big chains such as Domino’s.

Write and publish Kindle eBook
If students are good at anything, then research and write about it. Through the Kindle Store, anyone can publish an e-book and make money on Amazon.

The Kindle app is now available on any device (laptop, iPad, smartphone and yes, Kindle), so your global market is huge!

List your book at 49 1.49 – 99 6.99 and you earn 70% off sales. Considering Amazon is the ultimate selling machine (and remember what people want to spend), it’s a great deal.

Kindle E-Books

The key to success with ebooks is creating value and writing non-fiction. Simply compile the information you have researched and on a common problem (such as a ‘secret’ job search) and then present it in an easily digestible format (an e-book), to the person spending a few seconds. Justifies here.

Another great tip is to have a great cover design (browse them) to maintain it, as soon as your book goes live in the Kindle store, it is very important to get some reviews so that you can get more results. Encourage readers to do an honest review at the end of your book.

The best thing about this useful idea is that when you invest time (say 20 hours), you will get a passive return in the coming years!

For more tips see our guide to making money from e-books.

Link marketing
awin affiliate If you have a great social media or have a blog or website, then you can start making money instantly by launching all kinds of companies, products, services and offers online.

Sign up as a publisher on Avin’s network, check their blog on offers, or browse merchant listings so your friends are interested, get your affiliate link and share it. If someone uses your link (up to 90 days), you can make a good commission.

To take it a step further, set up a website (read our guides) or Facebook title page, invite all your friends to join it, and post your sub offers there.

Mobile phone recycling
Mobile recycling

You can earn good money and help the environment by recycling your old mobile phones and other unused devices. Ask your parents if they are lying.

Visit our page about making money from old phones to use for the best companies and make sure you get all the money quoted online.

Become a ‘click worker’
The concept of is based on ‘Source Internet Meeting-Source’, where businesses advertise specific, scalable tasks that need to be completed quickly. For us, this is the simplest way to make money from our bed quickly.

Click on worker

There are a variety of tasks, but they typically involve meaningless data entry, web research, or form filling. The work you do is rewarded (via PayPal), and you can choose when you work. You try.

Refund tax
Many students work part-time or during the summer months, while others are employed or on paid internships. Often, if you are a student who works all year, you will pay more income tax.

Why? Some students make personal payments tax-free each year, but are tax-free because they are included in the emergency primary tax code by their employers.

Click to use tax refund calculator

To learn more and calculate how much tax will be refunded to you, see our Student Tax Refund Guide.

Cashback on purchase
Our Quitco Cashback

This is not only a way to make money, but also to save money as a student. If you look at it differently, you still earn on every purchase you make, whether it is 10% or 0.5% cashback.

There are many cashback sites out there that will give you the commission you earn.

We recommend registering for free with the best cashback, and Swabox and offering the best selection of retailers and exclusions.

part time work
Look at jobs

A part-time job is clearly the first choice, chosen mostly by students who want to increase their student loans. This provides a relatively steady income flow and helps in gaining valuable work experience.

But good jobs are not always easy!

Start with our student job search and then look for local advertisements for university jobs and your service for vacancies.

CVs also deserve to be registered with the library, which is a free service that matches your CV related part-time jobs and career opportunities.

Read our guide to finding a part-time job while reading more tips.

Kick on fever
Weird of fever

Fever is now the world’s largest market for selling short services (called ‘kicks’).

You can be anything from presenting, writing and translating, posting on social media, reading and teaching jokes to making music, voiceovers and short video clips for people all over the world!

The default price is $ 5 (so Fiverr ..), but you can combine additional services with jigs for extra money. While it may not look pretty, it can be added quickly, and there are many examples from sites where people lead better lives. The key is to get a system that will reduce the time spent on each kick.

But there is another way to earn more from fever for less work. how? By rearranging the jigs elsewhere. For example, find a decent logo designer and respond to upwork or locally mixed jobs. Spending $ 5 can easily be $ 50 +, and it happens again and again!

If you do not want to sell everything, there are many great things that you can do for yourself. Browse and get inspired!

Check music for money
If you like music, check out unsigned bands and artists online for money on SliceTube and make it your business.

It may take some time to build your reputation, but some site users claim to earn £ 40 a month. It may not seem like it, but if it is something you enjoy it should be hard work and nothing else for your CV. The money you earn is in US dollars, but anyone can sign up and check.


To get started, head to Slysotheby today or read our quick guide for more information.

Sell ​​your notes
If you do not want to share your suggestions with other students, this is a great way to earn some extra money. There are sites that can upload your notes with your price, and then you get paid when another student downloads them.

Most sites like Nexus Notes and Stevia are free for you to list your notes, but you can handle your revenue like marketing, so you won’t have to go there and advertise your notes yourself.

You will probably need to upload a PDF, but it is worth the return and you can submit handwritten notes, but you will make more money if you type them.

Sell ​​second hand course books
A great way to make money is to buy another student’s books at the end of the year and then sell them only after New Year’s Week – once the new students know they need them!

In the Amazon marketplace you can advertise online or very easily on a campus listing (remember that they charge commissions for books sold).

Here are 29 other products you can sell today!

Of course, there is no guarantee of entering the tournament, but there is a growing relationship


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