Top 3 Bike Tyre Essential Accessories

Bike Tyre Essential Accessories
Bike Tyre Essential Accessories

The Indian roads can really be very harsh for your bike’s tyres as the tyres are essentially the only part of your bike that is in contact with the ground when the vehicle is running. And considering the fact that the condition of your tyres majorly affects the performance of the bike and your life as your bike totally depends on tyres, so it becomes essential to invest in some good bike tyre accessories. There are so many articles which tell you about more than 20 tyre accessories but these are not so essential and if you buy them you just waste your money and time. This article talks about three of the best bike tyre accessories that will help you take good care of your beloved bike’s tyres.

Best Bike Tyre Essential Accessories to Look for in 2021

Here are our top picks for the best bike tyre essential accessories for every bike owner:

Tyre Hugger

A tyre hugger is a structure made of metal or metal-plastic composite that is fitted on the rear tyre of your bike. When the bike is running, tiny particles of dust, dirt, and stones always keep hitting the tyres and keep causing scratches and damage to the underside of the tyre along with the rear shock.

The main purpose of a tyre hugger is to act as a shroud or a shield for your tyre and take all the dust, dirt, mud, rain, debris, and small stones on itself. A tyre hugger not only protects your bike’s tyre and shock, but it is also a great bike accessory to add a robust and sporty look to your automobile.

Bike Foot Pumps

A bike foot pump is a compact version of an air compressor that is used to inflate tyres. When you have a bike foot pump in your tool kit, you can use it to keep a regular check on the pressure of your bike’s tyres and whenever you find that it’s low, you can quickly connect the foot pump with the tyre and refill it in a matter of just a few minutes.

Such a foot pump comes with a piston and barrel assembly along with a hose pipe and a footprint tread plate. When the rubber tread plate is pushed with the foot, the piston in the barrel moves ahead and in turn, pushes compressed air into the tyre through a hose pipe.

Bike Tyre Inflator

A tyre inflator for bike is another type of compact air compressor, just like a foot pump. However, unlike a foot pump  that utilises mechanical energy, a tyre inflator operates on electrical energy.

A tyre inflator is super easy to use- you just have to connect the hose with the deflated tyre and turn the tyre inflator on. The powerful device will refill the tyre in less than 3-5 minutes and you can turn it off just as you see the optimum pressure reading on the in-built tyre pressure gauge on the tyre inflator.


So, here was all about the three best bike tyre essential accessories that you can consider purchasing this year. While tyre hugger protects the bike against debris attacks, it also adds a robust look to your bike. Tyre inflator and a foot pump are two compact versions of air compressors that are used to push compressed air inside deflated tyres. You can buy either one of them according to your needs and budget. Hope this was helpful for you. Have a nice day ahead.These are the three best bike tyre essential accessories that can help you maintain your tyres in their optimum working condition.


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