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Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Does your cooking space bother you? Do you feel like having a big kitchen is the best? Well, you might not be wrong. But, having a small kitchen space should not make you feel any lesser. In that case, apply some creative ideas to your kitchen. Also, design the area with NKBC cabinets. In this way, you can extend the look of your kitchen in many ways.

Moreover, use the given space wisely. Some additions and some adjustments can make your place look wide. If you do not intend to remodel your kitchen, maximize the space. There are many ways to enhance the storage of your kitchen. So, if you want to have some best ideas, stick to this post. 

Here are some small kitchen ideas. They will fit perfectly into any kitchen style. So, the list of ideas is below:

  1. Remove upper cabinets
  2. Use vertical space
  3. Apply lighter tones
  4. Mount a metal rack
  5. Use tiles on the back wall
  6. Hide the appliances in storage
  7. Get a rolling cart
  8. Use drawers to keep small items
  9. Go for minimal style
  10. Add a breakfast nook

1- Remove upper cabinets:

No doubt, upper cabinets have many benefits. But, they are not that suitable for small kitchens. Such cabinets take a lot of space than base cabinets. So, it is better to replace tall cabinets with open shelves. Also, you can use simple wooden racks in its place.

Moreover, the idea of open shelves always works. It makes your kitchen look wide. Similarly, wooden racks look perfect in any place. You can use them to keep your regular items.  

2- Use vertical space:

If you have a blank wall in your kitchen, use that vertical pace. Also, fill it up with three racks. Then, use the vertical space to keep spice and sugar jars. You can also place mugs and glasses on it. Similarly, keep rarely used items on the top rack. But keep everyday stuff on the bottom ones. This idea can do wonders, so try it out. 

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3- Apply lighter tones:

It is a tried and tested formula. Apply lighter tones in your kitchen. Also, use white or cream colors for utensils and counters. As a result, your space will look wider than before. You can also contrast it with dark base cabinets. Also, keep the walls and the ceilings of the same color. But add some dark tones wisely. Using white plates and dishes can also be helpful.

4- Mount a metal rack:

Rather than using decorations, hang a metal rack on the backsplash. So, use that rack to hang the pots and pans. And you will have a lot of storage space. Also, it makes your work better than before.

5- Use tiles on the back wall:

If you have tiles in the backsplash, extend them to the ceiling. Also, use the same tiles all over. This idea works for any kitchen size. It will make your kitchen look fresh and large in size. In addition, match the tiles with your counter. It will create harmony in your place. Also, place a small plant in the window. You will feel fresh every single day.

6- Hide the appliances in storage:

Well, the appliances take up a lot of the cooking space. Store them in the base cabinets. In this case, get the best quality kitchen cabinets from NKBC Cabinets. They offer good storage space in the frames and boxes. Keep the blenders and mixers in the base cabinets. Also, never keep them on the counter. Also, use the storage for linens, dishes, and seasonal items.

7- Get a rolling cart:

Do you know that you can move your kitchen on wheels? Well, yes. It is the best option. So, get a rolling cart for the items. You can move it around the place with ease. Also, use the cart for serving the guests. In the meantime, save your things in it. 

8- Use drawers to keep small items:

The drawers are the best part of any kitchen. When you have a small space, keep small items in them. Keep the counter clean and fill your drawers with the stuff you need at hand. Also, use them to keep the cutlery out of the kid’s range. You can get the best dovetail drawers from NKBC cabinets.

9- Go for minimal style:

Declutter your kitchen of useless items. In other words, go for minimal style to keep it simple. In this way, you can make your place look spacious. Know that a crowded kitchen will not look wide in any way.

10- Add a breakfast nook:

If you have a nice edge of the counter, use it as a breakfast nook. So, place a bar stool next to it and enjoy your first meal of the day. These ideas will come in handy for small kitchens. Also, they will give a broad look to the place.


Well, it’s not a big deal to have a small cooking space. You can make it look wide with some creative ideas. First of all, declutter your place. Also, keep it minimal and use lighter tones. Get the base j and k cabinets from the kitchen design gallery. Use them to keep the appliances and clear your counter. These and more ideas can lift your space in the best way.


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